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Carbon Footprint Consultant in India

Consulting on Carbon Footprint

By agile advisorPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

The public's attention is more focused than ever on climate protection. To determine how much a certain good, service, or organisation contributes to anthropogenic climate change, the fundamental purpose of all the underlying ideas for addressing those problems, such as carbon footprint, CO2, or carbon.

Reporting on carbon footprint is crucial to any sustainability programme. As a Carbon Footprint Consultant in India, we also endow with low carbon strategy consulting, communication reporting, and carbon footprinting for businesses and products.

Complex climate threats are becoming a growing concern for businesses. To maintain a company's reputation, uphold its social licence to operate, and achieve sustainable commercial growth, it is imperative that these risks be recognised, mitigated, and managed (via climate measures).

We as a Carbon Footprint Consultant in India, assist our clients in developing thorough, ethical, and useful approaches to carbon management and net zero strategies.

We discover opportunities for emissions reduction and help businesses set reasonable GHG emission objectives.

An effective carbon management programme must have several key components, including conducting thorough evaluations, identifying your carbon targets, establishing the paramount solutions,


Carbon footprint necessities take on critical significance. Companies can fulfil this responsibility and reap business rewards by using a well-crafted low-carbon growth strategy and management process, such as:

  • Companies' carbon management capabilities are taken into account by investors, rating organisations, and cost of capital calculations. The foundation of the carbon management process is carbon footprinting.
  • By reducing operational, legal, and reputational risk, a licence to operate is provided.
  • Lowering the costs of challenges related to climate action
  • Enhancing a company's standing with consumers, the media, the government, and investors
  • How can we assist?

  • Our staff has expertise working with organisations of all sizes to promote compliance with established voluntary carbon and energy disclosure schemes, such as CCAs, CRC, ESOS, SEAI Energy Audit Scheme, SECR, EUETS, DJSI, GRI, and CDP.
  • To support a company's compliance with legal obligations, maximise voluntary programme participation, and improve understanding of the advantages of energy consumption and carbon emissions management, we use our expertise to harmonise the company's unique mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements and apply it to their available data set.
  • As one of the leading Carbon Footprint Consultant in India. We will collaborate with your company to determine the energy use and carbon emission characteristics that must be revealed, and we'll certify which parts of the operation are covered by the disclosure effort. Together, we will gather the necessary information, and use it to create an energy and carbon emissions statement that satisfies all applicable legal reporting obligations and any voluntary initiatives in which the company has chosen to participate.
  • To help you as Carbon Footprint Consultant in India, Agile can use energy consumption and carbon emissions data to identify carbon emissions and energy reduction activities that can be prioritised and undertaken to deliver both cost savings and environmental impact reductions, in addition to meeting the disclosure requirements of stakeholders. We can assist you in coming up with a solid plan to cut down on energy use and Scope 1/2/3 of carbon emissions.
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