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Can you use Custom E-Liquid Packaging Boxes?

by Ryan Binsky 5 months ago in business

E-Liquid Packaging Boxes

E-liquid packaging boxes

We've been printing custom e-liquid packaging boxes from the last twenty decades. We're specialized in e-liquid packaging box printing. The quality printing is on first with brief & bulk orders. We can print your design on the habit e juice packaging boxes, If you have more than one e-liquid box SKUs, then it is not an issue of how many designs are in SKU. We will not charge you the gap for at least one layout. You merely need to go over with our expert on the live chat or fill contact us form.

Do you have design documents prepared for Custom E-Liquid Packaging Boxes?

If you have layout files ready, then it'll be great, together with the other thing that you don't have any design files. You don't need to be worried about it. We can provide you with free design services for constructing your e-liquid packaging box brand new. Branding is the only style that could raise your revenue goals.

1. 100 percent Eco-Packaging Substance

2. 100 percent Money-back Guarantee

3. 100% Free Designing

4. 100% Free Designing Revision

We're printing custom e-liquid packaging boxes as per FDA Labeling Requirements, cardboard, designing education and warnings. Read complete FDA Labeling requirements on our official website.

For those who own a designer that could allow you to develop and style you e-liquid packaging boxes, you need to need a box template (Box Dyeline)(Box Mockup), you can fit your artwork to the die-lines, it’s easy and fast procedure for your expire perfection of habit box design shape. Get completely free box templates under.

1. 10ml-Plastic Bottle Box Template

2. 50ml- Bottle Box Template

3. 60ml- Bottle Box Template

Packaging is your very best method to represent any product in the industry. The packaging protects the products from any kind of damage management. The glass material is very sensitive in character and obtained a high probability of harm. Additionally, the leakage of the liquid may happen.

So, to prevent these types of damages. The custom E-liquid boxes must be hardy and attractive too. The use of E-cigarette may cause less damage to your body than regular cigarettes.

According to the report of PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND "We agree that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking".

Therefore, according to the working of e-cigarettes, the liquid that's employed in the e-cigarettes is e-liquid. E-liquid comes at a mini glass jar with different varieties of styles. The packaging of the e-liquid bottles helps them to stay secure with the use of sturdy box material.


The custom e-liquid packaging makes the product extremely fascinating on the market. However, the e-liquid boxes are made from cardstock and Kraft substance. These materials are sturdy in nature and enables the product to stay safe for a lengthier time period.

Cardstock and Kraft boxes came in customized shapes and sizes with which the item takes its space in the box that won't let the product break down easily.

The printing process helps a lot in increasing the selling stage of your product with the market point of view. For example, when the customer purchases the e-liquid box the printing onto the boxes brings them. Moreover, gloss and gloss finishing is used with the inclusion of spot UV to make the custom boxes look appealing.


As we're speaking about the custom made packaging. You see its very important that the quality of the custom made packaging protects your product in case of shipping and transport. The businesses that produce an e-liquid bottle must keep some significant factors in your mind about the custom e-liquid boxes. The points are under:

Always concentrate on the standard of the habit boxes. Be sure the material of the boxes should be sturdy and comfortable for your product.

Always be classy when it comes to printing processes. The printing quality things a lot on the market.

The printing procedure never prevailed on one another or becoming faint.

If using die-cut boxes, make sure the edges and cuts ought to be true.

Make juicecertain the description of this E-liquid cited from the box. It should be in attractive textures.

Focus on the die-cut also it ought to correctly cut and interlock readily to provide support.


The key expert element is that these custom E-liquid boxes provide benefits to your organization. Moreover, what factors must be focused concerning the marketplace strategies.


To make your merchandise glow on the industry industry. The company's logo along with the item's description has to be printed on the boxes in the very best way. The use of different forms of coating makes the custom made packaging more attractive and intriguing based on the industry perspective. Therefore, you can customize the printing process in any way.

The packaging fashions count a lot on the marketplace. Customizing different packaging provides your products a universal signature. Thus, your product could be accessible in any custom boxes. There might be a square tux-end box, hexagon tuck-end, pentagon tuck-end, sleeve box, two-piece box, etc..


E-liquid boxes packaging is dust resistant and protects your product physically while sending and transporting. The corrugated material is ideal for shipping your products and makes shipping experience better for you. Therefore, you can expect these custom E-liquid boxes and consider your products are in great hands.

If you have any other custom size box then click here in order to discuss with about the live chat, you can also see us on direct mail at [email protected]


Ryan Binsky

Rayn Binsky currently working with Wabs Print and Packaging in the United Kingdom, providing the best packaging solutions for customers since 2017.

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