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by BOLD Precious Metals about a month ago in business
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First Spouse Gold Coins

BOLD is delighted to introduce the First Spouse Gold Coins with all the best deals on popular coins. Bold Precious Metals is the best place for all the investors, and collectors to buy Silver, Gold, and Platinum coins & bars.

We have some special coins:

2009-W Gold First Spouse Letitia Tyler Proof - 1/2 oz displays a scene featuring Mrs. Tyler with two of her young children outside their large home on the 1,200-acre Greenway Plantation in Virginia.

2007-W Gold First Spouse Abigail Adams Proof - 1/2 oz displays a beautiful portrait of Abigail Adams. Inscriptions include "ABIGAIL ADAMS," the years she served, the order of the Presidency, issue date, and mint mark.

2009-W Gold First Spouse Margaret Taylor Proof - 1/2 oz displays a beautiful portrait of Margaret Taylor. Inscriptions include " MARGARET TAYLOR," the years she served, the order of the Presidency, issue date, and mint mark.

Who is Margaret Taylor?

Margaret "Peggy" Mackall Taylor was the wife of President Zachary Taylor. She was the first lady of the United States from 1849 to 1850. Calvert County, Maryland, U.S. Pascagoula, Mississippi, U.S. For 30 years, she followed her husband, Zachary Taylor, during his military career to remote hardship outposts that stretched from Louisiana to northern Wisconsin, creating homes for her family in tents, cabins, and forts. After many years of living a nomadic Army life, Margaret Taylor was happy to finally have a permanent home in a renovated "Spanish cottage" in Baton Rouge.

The Army, however, soon had other plans for Zachary Taylor, calling upon him to serve in the Mexican-American War, from which he emerged as a national hero. When he became President, Margaret turned all official White House hostess duties over to their daughter, Betty Bliss. She lived a life just as she would have back in Baton Rouge, with informal family gatherings and visits by her grandchildren.

Why Should You Buy First Spouse Gold Coins From BOLD Precious Metals?

1: Unwavering Trustworthiness.

2: 24X7 Great Customer Service.

3: BOLD has a sizeable unique Inventory.

4: Get the best price on every product.


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BOLD Precious Metals

BOLD Precious Metals is passionate about bringing the precious metals marketplace to the masses. Buy Silver and Gold bullion coins online at BOLD Precious Metals. Trusted secure service with immediate delivery.

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