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Business Ideas for Introverts

by SWS 6 months ago in advice
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Get a website for your introverted business idea!

Here are the best small business ideas for introverts. This article discusses introvert-friendly small business concepts.

One-third to one-half of the population are introverts. Pervasive. Our culture promotes extroverts. Extroverts rule entertainment and business. Business favors extroverts.

Reserved describes introverts. These insults disrespect introverts. Introverts are innovative, long-term focusers. Introverts become good business owners because of their overlooked qualities.

As an introvert, you may think about leaving corporate America for independence, isolation, or both. Success is more likely if you choose a business that fits your personality.

Personality Types

Many know their personalities, loves, and dislikes. Extrovert or introvert? You know. You've learned whether you do better with hard deadlines or more time.

Personality knowledge increases self-awareness and emotional quotient. This understanding changes lives. It helps you play to your strengths, overcome limits, improve time management, resolve disagreements, and find a meaningful career.

Myers-Briggs is a popular personality test. Forbes says 3.5 million people receive it annually. The Myers-Briggs test defines personality types into 16 letter combinations based on how you interact with others, process information, make decisions, and seek structure.

Personality tests are helpful, but they can't tell everything. You're not bashful or outgoing. Constraints. Personality test labels are recommendations, not boxes.

Introvert versus extrovert

Introversion means... No psychologists agree on an introvert definition. Individual energy orientation. Social connection energizes extroverts, while alone energizes introverts.

Introversion indicators:

  • You're attentive.
  • You prefer solitude to crowds.
  • Writing sometimes beats speaking.
  • You hate parties. Exhausted, you retreat. The next day is restful.
  • Visual or auditory stimulation, especially in social situations, tires you out.
  • You hate attention.
  • You hate useless talk.

Many feel extroverts make the finest bosses, business owners, decisions, and sales in corporate America. Extroverts matter. Extroverts and introverts have valuable skills. Corporate America can benefit from introverts.

Introverts become terrific entrepreneurs because they have the concentration, stamina, and ingenuity needed. If you want to be successful and happy, use your talents, not your flaws. Read on for introvert business tips.

Business Ideas for Introverts

These are introvert-friendly business ideas. These ideas can boost your income or be a career path.

Freelance writer

Introverted freelancers succeed. Writing requires computer research. Extroverts suffocate. Introverts! Interested?

Freelance writing varies. Freelance for blogs or magazines, start a blog, or self-publish on Amazon. How to avoid undercharging for freelance writing.

Upwork and Mediabistro are good freelance sites. You'll need experience and a portfolio to write well for Mediabistro. Beginners should use Upwork.


Editing and proofreading require seclusion, attention to detail, and concentration.

Websites and blogs need editing and proofreading, so opportunities abound. Self-publishing has raised editor demand.

Upwork and Mediabistro have editing jobs.

If you're new to proofreading, take an online course.


Amazon's work-from-home options are an introvert's dream.

There's retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage involves buying locally or online and reselling on Amazon. Amazon handles customer support and sales whether you ship to them or not.

Retail arbitrage starts with Amazon's seller app. It can help you determine which products would sell best on your website and how much to spend on each to make a profit.

Amazon transcends retail arbitrage. Amazon Flex permits vehicle delivery. Competitive pay, independence.

Amazon sells secondhand books. As an introvert, you certainly have many books to resell and know all the local book sales. This knowledge is valuable.

Those with websites can become Amazon Affiliates. Link to Amazon whenever a product is referenced. Your Amazon link earns you a commission.

Amazon isn't your only delivery driver option. DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates deliver groceries.

Online Teacher

Introverts enjoy helping others. Add the ability to work individually or one-on-one to achieve success. Introverts appreciate online or one-on-one instruction with kids or adults.

Udemy and Teachable can reach millions. High-quality online courses can earn you a living. Education First and VIPKid use prefabricated modules and materials to instruct Chinese students online. Computers are less intimidating than classrooms.

Personal tutoring is available. SAT prep and college essay writing tutoring cost extra.

Car Rental

The car stays parked when working from home. You can lend your car to day-rental clients through Turo or Getaround.

Tesla or Ford Superduty trucks rent for $1,000 per month or more. Delivery follows.

This won't pay your expenditures, but it's a good side gig.

Life Coaching

Introverts listen well. Like in one-on-one interactions, they choose their words carefully to help others. This personality type may be suited for business or life counseling.

You must market, use social media, and do community talks. The company will struggle. Life coach training can boost your confidence, credibility, and public speaking skills.

Coaches can also find clients through blogging and social media.

Start a virtual assistant business.

As more people work from home, virtual assistants are needed.

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs with administrative responsibilities.

Virtual assistants start businesses and get clients on Upwork. Companies will hire you as a virtual assistant and get you clients for a fee. Fancy Hands, Time, etc.

Dog Walking Service

Start a dog-walking service if you prefer pets to people.

Superb Web Services has designed a website for Pet Treks Baltimore.

You could start something similar in your area. We can design and manage your website at an affordable rate as well to help grow your business.

Social media consultant

Traditional advertising strategies like print ads and TV commercials are ineffective. Social businesses must succeed today. SMEs can't efficiently use social media.

If you know how to utilize Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, you can be a social media consultant.

Niche sites

Low-cost business opportunity: specialty websites. No upfront cost. Limit social engagement. You'll have passive income or a sellable internet asset.

Choose a niche market (if possible, think of something that you already have extensive knowledge of). Advertise and affiliate market to monetize your site.

This is a good introverted business idea. Because results take time, most people give up. A handful of my niche sites produce some money.

Superb Web Services can create your niche-site and manage your content.


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