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Business benefits with IT staff augmentation services in 2022

by Sun Technologies about a month ago in business
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In today’s growing technology environment, the demand for IT experts and software developers is increasing, organizations like yours face challenge to find qualified IT professionals for temporary projects. Go through the blog to know how your organization can benefit from IT staff augmentation services in 2022.

Sun Technologies' Staffing Services

In today’s growing technology environment, the demand for IT experts and software developers is increasing. Organizations face a challenge finding the right qualified professionals among the growing market as an extending arm for the existing in-house team or temporary resource as per project requirement. This has made most organizations adopt a flexible approach in their staffing requirements that helps meet their growing business requirements and maintain customer satisfaction. Companies that have augmented IT teams achieve more benefits such as increased productivity, cost-cutting, and many more.

So let's get on to the basics. What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is an end-to-end human resource outsourcing process that provides IT experts based on the skills required for an organization's in-house team or offshore team with flexible contract periods as per business requirements. This remote hiring process allows the organization to build their team with skilled IT experts who can perform specified tasks and fill the resource gap for ongoing projects. In this model, the augmented experts are completely managed by the IT staffing vendor with all standard facilities like payroll management and other employment facilities as per industry by the IT staffing vendor.

Below are a few business benefits organizations can achieve with IT staff augmentation services.

Effective cost management

Organizations spend a lot of time and cost on the hiring and onboarding process for the resources required for projects. If the project is delivered to the customer successfully, the resources hired have to be on the bench until the new project is assigned to them. This becomes a burden for the organizations by paying an extra cost for hired resources for a limited time period projects.

But with IT staff augmentation services, the organization hires a set of resources with the required skillsets for projects and place them either on-site with coordination with the in-house team or entirely from the remote location for the pre-defined time span. As a result, organizations can effectively save time and cost involved in hiring as the IT staffing vendor manages all the parameters.

Increased productivity with extra skill sets

With the IT staff augmentation services, organizations can fill the lacking skills of the in-house resources by hiring experts according to the project requirement and having a contract with them as per project time period only. This helps the organization in increasing the productivity of the internal teams by having temporary experts as per business requirements while also keeping costs down in the process.

Flexibility according to business requirements

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the quick change in workload puts a lot of pressure on in-house teams. IT staff augmentation is the fastest and most affordable way, which provides the flexibility to hire the resource for the short or long term time periods. Organizations can hire an expert with skills to need for the specific project. This also gives the flexibility to scale the team up or down of the existing team in a short span of time. This allows the organization to provide more business without recruiting large-scale full-time resources.

Better monitoring gives better control of the process

The IT staff augmentation allows temporary resources to work in line with organizations internal teams, this provides effective monitoring of talent utilization in real-time. This model can increase the fidelity, confidentiality, and quality of your projects.

Increased customer satisfaction with on-time project delivery

Augmented experts will have skills and knowledge on trending technologies that may not be found in the internal teams. With the proper utilization of these skill sets, organizations can complete their projects before the allocated timeline. In addition, this allows organizations to increase customer satisfaction, which can help in maximizing their ROI.


For short-term IT projects, the augmented staff is the perfect solution. Organizations adopting IT staff augmentation services can reduce 30% of their cost involved in hiring and deliver the projects at the right estimated time. This helps enterprises to increase customer satisfaction and ROI.

Sun Technologies have 25+ years’ of experience in providing top-notch staff augmentation solutions globally. Our staffing team can quickly deliver high-quality augmented resources with AI-driven automation systems by enabling improved accessibility and seamless collaboration with the strong database of millions of resources in the market.

Read our case study to explore how we helped a leading telecom company excel in their production with our staffing services.

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