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Best WordPress Mobile App Features That Help You Manage Your Website

Top Worpress Mobile App Features

By Ravi VajaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Nearly half of the websites that we see today run on WordPress. The platform since its inception has been a very popular one for both developers as well as businesses. Apart from being an open source language, WordPress has tons of libraries and plug-ins that are far superior in numbers to any of its competitor platforms.

What may have transpired WordPress into providing more access and features to its mobile apps is the prominent growth of mobile internet. More than half of the traffic on the internet is generated through mobile devices. This inspires many companies to offer almost all of their features on their mobile app versions.

Key Stats about WordPress

Apart from powering almost half of the currently operative websites, WordPress also acts as one of the oldest programming languages around. If nobody told you to do so, checkout the following stats that act as a list of reasons why you should opt for WordPress. It’s a veteran in the game of flamboyant new tools and continues to age like a fine wine. Take a look at some of the key statistics related to WordPress.

  1. Every 4 out of every 10 websites you see today use WordPress.
  2. More than 65% of the websites that use Content Management System are using WordPress.
  3. WooCommerce is the most used plug-in among websites powered by WordPress at more than 20%.
  4. There are around 60,000 free plug-ins available for WordPress, more than any other platform.
  5. Close to 90% of the attacks on WordPress come from plug-ins.

Quite clearly WordPress leads all charts when it comes to statistics and thus continues to be the preferred choice across the board in web development. It was evident that wordpress development service was not going to miss out on the global traffic diversion from bigger computer devices to smaller mobile devices in the form of an app.

Best Features on the WordPress Mobile App

The WordPress mobile app which is available across all leading stores for all operating systems, does allow some of the most used functionalities from the device. However to gain full control over how your website behaves, you must access it on a computer. Features like writing or editing a blog, uploading images or other media files and having access over the analytics are some key features that WordPress’s mobile apps have. Here is a quick summary of some of the best features of the app.


WordPress allows you to link multiple websites you own via the same app. You can switch between the sites from an option provided on the dashboard. WordPress app dashboard is like any other dashboard that provides easy access to some of the most commonly used features of a website like writing or editing a blog, managing comments, checking out the statistics and managing the plug-ins or themes. This overview on this app of all the functionalities is very neatly laid out and works brilliantly.

Create/Edit Blog Using Same Block Editor

You can create a new blog or edit an existing one from the app itself. This also includes formatting of the text, adding media to the page or even creating outbound or inbound links in the text. It allows you to choose between the categories of the blogs, set passwords or even schedule a post in case you want to post the blog at a certain time. It comes with an auto-save feature which is very helpful.

However one of the most talked about features of the app is its ability to use block editors. This feature can be activated from the “profile” settings where you have to turn on the “Use Block Editor” option. This allows you to use the same block editor that you were using on the web. You can also add a new block editor if you wish to.


The WordPress mobile app shares a wide range of your website’s statistics to you under the “Stats” tab. You can checkout total views, number of visits and likes & comments under this tab. You can further divide these stats by years, months, weeks or even days. These in detail statistics help you track your website’s performances when you are on the go.

Settings for Admin

Although WordPress believes that the best way to optimize your administrative control over your website is to access it on the web, there are some prominent admin features that you can access from the “Settings” tab of your WordPress app. Settings like changing the site name, tagline and privacy option are some of the most used features from the settings tab. You can also set a default category for your future blogs and set the tags as well.

Manage Plug-ins

Plug-ins are an essential aspect of developing a website on WordPress. The app also allows you to manage or even install new plug-ins for your website. There are limitations to how you can use these plug-ins from the app but you can choose to install, activate or deactivate a particular plug-in that you wish to when you are not on your computer.

As Things Stand

It is seemingly impossible to allow all the access from the web of a platform as layered as WordPress to a mobile device app. What WordPress manages to do really well through its app is to offer easy access to the most frequently used features of managing a website like posting new posts, managing media, analyzing the statistics and managing the plug-ins & themes. In terms of percentage, the app should allow you to control over 75% of your website. With newer updates and features on the app, this percentage can go higher and we might not be too far from the days when we can actually have total control of our websites from an app on our devices.


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