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Best Platforms To Stream Your Talent

Stream Your Talent

By Md Faijul IslamPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

There is no such thing as talentless people, it's just that some utilize their talent while others don’t. So, there's no such thing as useless talent. Like, suppose someone comes up to you says that his talent is sleeping. The first thing that might come to mind is that it’s a useless talent with no merits whatsoever. But think for a second if he says that his sleeping is a talent it could mean that he’s able to sleep any time anywhere. In other words, he can adapt to any environment you leave him. Now if that’s not useful that I don’t know what is?

In other words, it’s not the talent that makes it worthless. It’s how you utilize it. Now let’s look at another example, suppose you are good at understanding colors and you are interested in making something new using edit software like photoshop and illustrator. But you are not good at using them. Even if someone teaches you it’s still hard for you to understand it better than the rest.

Thus even if you have a great talent for choosing the best pallets if you can’t utilize them it is worthless. So now you have two chives either to give up or keep at it.

If you choose to give up then if people were to say that you have worthless talent then you can’t say anything to them as you have given up on the fight even before it began. On the other hand, if you were to go all out and try to improve on what you want to do and not give up and see it till the end, then even though it might take time, you will shine brightly.

So from this example, we can see that only having talent means nothing if you don’t work hard and utilize it to the fullest. But even if you do all the hard work you would still need a platform to start and show your talent. If not how would people know about you? In the past, only the lucky or the privileges or people who made sacrifices would be able to do this. But now it’s different. Modern technology has come a long way. And among them streaming is one of the most effective ways to stream your talent online and let your name spread all over the world. And the good news is nowadays there are lots of platforms that give you this type of chance and if you do well enough you can also earn from home online through them. Now, let me tell you about some of them.

01. Youtube

Youtube is a well-known streaming platform. It has billions of users over the world. It’s easy to use. And it’s owned by google to streaming here holds huge value. Also, as it’s a multistreaming platform. Meaning it doesn’t support one type of feature such as pre-recorded video stream. It also supports live video streaming, online music streaming, game streaming, and so on. It also allows you to earn from it as well through absence.

02. Twitch

Well, though youtube is popular and known by people of all platforms when it comes to game streaming it’s not the first choice. For gaming, people prefer to stream on twitch over youtube. And why wouldn’t they? Twitch is one of the streaming platforms that was created for gamers. Yeah, now there are other types of videos as well, but that’s just recently. At first, it didn’t allow anything else other than game streaming.

03. TikTok

If you are anyone interested in streaming on social media platforms then you have heard of TikTok. Though it’s new still compared to the others its popularity doesn’t pale. Cause since it’s on mobile it allows streamers of all kinds to share their streams quite easily.

04. Instagram

This is another well-known social media platform. Though it’s mainly known for its image sharing capabilities its story section is quite popular. Especially among influencers. And among marketers, its influence is quite high.

05. Patreon

Well, there’s much to say about Patreon as according to its name you can earn money from the donations from your fans. Once you are signed up you are known as a patron and have the power to set up packages through which your fans would be able to support you for your talents.

06. Streaming Plug

Though the site hasn’t been fully functional yet its features are quite intriguing. It’s similar to Patreon which allows you to make money from your followers and it also allows you to share your creativity to famous social platforms. Other than this you would also have a fixed income from as well. Well by checking its features I am guessing that it might be worthwhile once it’s functional.


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