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Benefits of Hiring a Property Accountant

Hiring a Property Accountant

By cruse burkePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

There are numerous transactions and trades involved in the process of selling, buying, or renting a property in the construction and buy to let business.

As a result, the accountant's requirements in the real estate business are vastly different from those in other businesses.

As a result, companies, individuals, and organisations involved in real estate must hire specialist property accountants to receive the best and most professional services.

Our property accountants are familiar with the financial considerations involved in purchasing and selling land. Employment responsibilities include maintaining records of funds and assets, planning portfolios, drawing up financial plans, establishing escrow accounts, and preparing statements. Other things they work on include planning portfolios, drawing up financial plans, and setting up escrow accounts. Our best property accountants in Croydon are dependable individuals who are completely open with their work.

Regardless of the size of the property, it is preferable to hire an accountant to handle various accounting issues.

There are numerous advantages to working with property accountants; let us go over them in detail.

Accounts are kept in order by a property accountant.

Your accounts must be in order if you want to know how successful your real estate or property business is.

It's difficult to keep track of property-related expenses like maintenance, paint, and repairs.

And to do so, you must have a clear picture of what is coming in and going out of your property business.

An experienced property accountant will keep a thorough record of all property-related accounting information and convert it into meaningful rental reports.

Assist with Capital Gains Planning

If you want to sell a property that is not your permanent residence, you will have to pay capital gains tax.

You must pay the government a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your property.

In such cases, an experienced property accountant will assist you in tax planning so that you can save the most money.

Non-residential Landlords (NRL)

Non-resident landlords (NRLs) who own properties in the UK but spend more than six months of the year abroad can also benefit from hiring property accountants.

Non-resident landlords must complete the UK tax return to calculate their tax liability and deduct tax at source.

In addition, their letting agent or tenant must follow this NRL scheme.

If you work as a letting agent, you must deduct a basic tax rate from your clients' rental income before passing it on.

If a non-resident landlord does not use a letting agent and the rent exceeds £100 per week, tenants must deduct tax before making the rent payment.

A property accountant can advise a non-resident property owner on how to save money on taxes.

For example, the NRL scheme can apply for an exemption from having their property deducted at source, but this must be worked out with a specialist property accountant.

Assist You in Tax Savings

Landlords can save money on taxes by hiring a specialist property accountant.

Your property accountant will be able to devise a strategy that is tailored to your specific situation and should allow you to reduce your tax bill by utilising their experience.

Landlords can deduct a variety of expenses from their taxable rental income.

These expenses must be incurred in order to rent out your property, but they can cover a wide range of costs.

Among the most common types of deductible expenses are:

  • Water, gas, and electricity bills, as well as council tax bill
  • Fees for letting agents
  • General property maintenance and repairs
  • Finance expenses
  • Insurance for landlords
  • Fees for accountants
  • Wages of property service providers such as cleaners and gardeners

Some property owners may be aware of all the expenses that they may be able to claim. Some people, however, may be unaware.

A specialist property accountant will advise a landlord on claiming all expenses that can be claimed.

Assist You If the Law Changes

Significant changes in tax rules may be simple to follow on your own, but the effects of seemingly minor changes may catch you off guard and surprise you later.

Whatever changes in tax legislation the future throws at landlords, specialist property accountants will be ready to deal with them.

Property accountants will ensure that no hidden tax changes take effect without your knowledge.

So, without a doubt, this is one of the most liberating benefits of hiring a specialist property accountant.

Assist You in Future Planning

Finally, having access to an expert whenever business decisions need to be made is a significant benefit of hiring a property accountant.

A property accountant can provide you with up-to-date financial information about their business, allowing you to plan for the future.

For example, even if you purchased a property solely for the purpose of renting it out, there may come a time when you want to sell it.

A specialist property accountant will be able to assist you in preparing for such events and will be able to advise you on the best options.

As a landlord, you may decide to purchase additional property.

If this is the case, a specialist property accountant will be able to guide you through the process, assisting you in determining whether you are in a suitable financial position, determining what your budget should be, and much more.

Best Croydon Accountants has been providing assistance to local businesses. Yes, we can trace our roots all the way back to World War II, and we take great pride in our age.


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