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Be Sweet & Support ArtSugar

by Amanda Lauren 2 years ago in art

You're at home. So why not re-decorate?

ArtSugar/Hanna Panchenko

Buying art can be a challenge for millennials and Generation Z, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. While there’s the high art you find at galleries, local artists who show at art fairs or more affordable mass-produced pieces you find at furniture stores— there wasn’t really a marketplace for most popular artists on Instagram until Alix Greenberg founded ArtSugar in 2017.

A Sweet Idea

A graduate of Cornell and Christie’s, the artist and entrepreneur spent nearly a decade working in the fine art industry before creating her incredible brand which has been featured everywhere from Forbes to Teen Vogue and House Beautiful among other publications. They also give back to different charities with every purchase.

If you’re sitting at home during quarantine, your walls are probably starting to look boring or bare. So, why not support a small female-founded business?

“We need small businesses,” Greenberg tells me. “They play a crucial role in supporting the economic fabric of our society and we need to support the scrappy founders and inventors who are motivated by times of uncertainty. They are inventing and pushing at all times, no or failure is not in their vocabulary! Also, it’s important to support the little guy who provides a personal touch- these are hard to scale businesses and especially at times of downturn.”

From Instagram To IRL

ArtSugar has a generous yet curated selection from some of the most talented independent artists working today like Michael Turchin (aka Lance Bass’ husband) as well as up and coming talent like Hanna Panchenko, and Jessica Rubin. No matter the aesthetic of your home, there is a piece from ArtSguar to compliment it from photography to landscapes as well as pop art and more abstract pieces.

Each print is available in a variety of sizes in a choice of a black or white frame, which is an incredible convenience because having art framed yourself is costly and time-consuming.

Remember, you’re not just buying something that looks pretty (although who doesn’t want to do that?) you’re supporting art and the works of independent creators, which is incredibly important during these very challenging times.

“Whatever artwork that’s created now is a product of this time in history. For visual people like myself, this will be critical to their understanding of what was happening in the world when looking back or reading in textbooks,” Greenberg tells me. “Also, artists provide an outlet for all of us—things of beauty that are freely consumed. Artists should be financially and emotionally supported by our patronage,” she says.

Collaboration With YourMomCares

Artsugar recently expanded its offerings with a variety of home décor products including a collaboration with YourMomCares, which is a non-profit organization founded by Adam Levine’s and Jonah Hill’s moms, with the mission to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in children. The Just Stay Home acrylic tray capsule collection is a fun and stylish way to show you really do care.

“It is especially important at this distressful and uncertain time, that we introduce cheerful, practical products to our customers. Our trays do just that, and with a timely and significant message. With each tray sold, 15 percent of the proceeds will be donated to YourMomCares,” says Greenberg.

Looking For A Gift?

If you’re looking for more Mother’s Day gift ideas, ArtSugar’s Pop Sculptures are a fun and thoughtful gift that mom can appreciate on top of a bookshelf, nightstand or even styled on a coffee table. Made of resin, ink, and wood, each piece created by Betsy Enzensberger is one of a kind— which is probably how you also describe your mom. Choose from sprinkle pops like made in colors such as pink and blue or full-on ice cream cones. The best part is that these are 100 percent guilt and calorie-free! What could be sweeter?


Amanda Lauren

Evertalk TV host, Forbes contributor, co-creator of the Pitch Please course, furniture enthouiast.

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Amanda Lauren
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