Be a House Sitter (Kind-Of an Art Form)

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Be a House Sitter (Kind-Of an Art Form)

Man can do it, can woman? (Talking caveman-like.) People find this topic very interesting; are man stronger than women when it comes to actually sustaining an independent way of living? Have you thought about living on your own, especially in NYC for example? Have you wondered what it's like to be able to have your own apartment or house all to yourself and your three doggies? Then, this following advice is for you and only you, but please do share.

My friends and I have each spent some time alone—a few weeks—with just ourselves, with our own soul. We have actually discovered that living by oneself from time to time actually helps the creativity in us to grow, we become less worried—this might come to you as a surprise—but we grow less worried, over time. Living alone does not have to be scary, it is actually quite a rewarding experience; you can discover a lot about yourself like who you really are, what strengths you have, and you start to believe in yourself more and more and you easily begin to trust in YOU in a unique way, that is priceless.

Take it one step at a time, you can see if your family or friends need a house sitter for the weekend for example, you can make sure that their plants are okay, that the dishes are done, if they have pets—dogs especially—you can walk them around the park, overall, you can make sure that their apartment stays clean and full of good energy, good vibes. If you have work that you do on the computer, you can do it while house-sitting.

Learn more here on how to become a house sitter. (Make sure that you are 100 percent safe while house-sitting, that is why I recommend to only house sit for family and friends in the beginning.)

Think that you will be lonely while on your first house-sitting job? Yes, that's right, I said job, don't forget to charge for actually watching over somebody's home, unless you are this big fanatic of volunteering, don't forget to charge at least $50 a day because guess what? If your friends were to leave their pets—assuming they do have pets—to a company to care for them, they would be paying top dollar, much more than you would charge. Ta-da!

Keep this in mind, no one wants to leave ghosts caring for their home while they are away. You CAN make money by house-sitting, a hundred percent, that is if you do not have any debt to them. It is the time to invest in you, it will be like a mini-vacation away from home and you will be making money at the same time!

Time to get on Facebook and make some friends. Today, we believe that the best way to make friends is through social media and this is very true because on your social media page you display a lot, if not everything, about yourself. So, sign into Facebook, go to your favorite pages and connect with people, connect with organizations too. Who is not a member of an organization these days? Share your services on their pages, make sure to stay local though because again, we do not want you to stay at an apartment of someone who is a complete stranger.

Living on your own is an art-form and you can achieve it by looking after someone else's home and trust me you won't feel lonely because you will be doing one of your other little jobs and walking them puppies!

Dog and Man

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