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Austin Rotter on How to Know if Your Business Needs an Executive Chair

Austin Rotter, a marketing and business strategy expert, shares his insights on knowing when or if your business needs an Executive Chair.

By Austin RotterPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

A CEO is considered to be the highest-ranking individual in a company. They oversee the company's operations and make significant decisions. In addition, the CEO is also the primary point of communication between the company's board of directors and its corporate operations. The board of directors and the company's shareholders elect the CEO. They then report to the chair and the other board members.

Deciding when to hire a new CEO can be a serious decision for any business. Some companies start by appointing a CEO right away, while others choose to take on a new leader after the company has already been established. Here are four signs that your company needs a CEO.

Lacking Business Experience

Although your company's founder may have great ideas about improving the company, they may need more experience to implement these ideas. A CEO with extensive business experience can help the company develop new ideas and execute its actions.

In addition to improving the company's operations, having a CEO with extensive experience in the industry can also help it appear more professional to others. Hiring a new leader may be the best thing for your company if the current leadership needs to communicate effectively with investors or make business decisions.

Founder Wants Less Responsibility

If your company's founder is not interested in becoming its CEO, it may be time to consider hiring a new leader. The current leadership may focus on other business areas, such as product development. A CEO can take over the company's operations and allow the founders to focus on their personal interests.

The Business Needs Leadership

If your employees are confused about the company's goals or operations, you may consider hiring a new CEO. A CEO can help employees establish a clear vision of the company's goals and make them known to everyone in the organization. Having a leader for the company can help give the company a unified voice and make it easier for everyone to work together.

Want to Grow

The founders of a company may focus too much on keeping their company running and need more on developing new ideas. This can lead to stagnation, negatively affecting the company's operations. Hiring a CEO to help keep the company running can increase the time you spend developing new ideas.


Operating out of New York, New York, Austin Rotter is a skilled and knowledgeable PR professional whose experience in the industry spans more than ten years. He has spent his career carving out a space and establishing himself as a standout in the industry through his focus, insight, and perseverance.

Throughout his career, Austin has established a skill set involving areas like business branding for established and emerging companies, media strategy, and media relations. He has worked with institutions ranging from hyper-growth tech companies to auspicious startups to prominent Fortune 1000 brands.

As a professional working in a highly nuanced and competitive industry, Austin Rotter knows just how important mentorship and leadership can be when it comes to advancing one’s career and learning more about the public relations industry. Mentors are industry peers or professional acquaintances who can offer you some insights and advice about growing as a professional. Having a mentor to guide you, challenge you, motivate you, and inspire you can help you not only define your goals but plot a path to reaching them. Mentors can offer honest advice and feedback to help you be more productive, focused, and successful in your career.

A New York-based sports fan, Austin enjoys baseball, football, basketball, and hockey the most, rooting for the Mets, the Jets, the Knicks, and the Rangers, respectively. That being said, he’ll cheer on any team from New York, no matter the sport.


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Austin Rotter

Austin Rotter is a Public Relations executive living in Hoboken, New Jersey, who operates professionally out of New York. Austin's particular skills lie in media strategy, media relations, and branding businesses.

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