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Are You Out Of Writing Ideas?

by Ryan Miller 6 months ago in advice
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Are You Out Of Writing Ideas?
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

I know, I know!

You sometimes may reach a roadblock when writing every day.

It’s frustrating when you get to your desk to write a piece of content, but the ideas simply don’t flow in your way. I know exactly how you feel.

This material is going to help you with that. I am sharing with you 5 of my writing topics for free. You can thank me later!

Craft posts about your writing experience

Texts providing actionable writing or blogging advice are always welcome.

It’s always a good idea to write about:

  • which are processes that help you never run out of ideas (it’s ironic, I know);
  • how you handle negative comments or feedback;
  • how you managed to increase your results;
  • the tricks that help you write better and faster;
  • your recommendations for new writers.

Write about your favorite books

It’s a well-known thing that writers are also readers. Why not generate content regarding the books that helped you improve your skills?

A few book-related ideas:

  • write about the books that helped you become a better person;
  • make a top of your favorite motivational books;
  • share with others your favorite quotes from different books;
  • write about your all-time favorite book;
  • make a list of things you had learned from books.

Provide solutions for existing problems

It’s always a good idea to check the Facebook Groups, Quora, Reddit, and other places used by people to interact with one another. Identify problems and provide solutions.

This is always a good idea because people are always searching for ways to fix different things.

Write about your favorite life hacks

Lifehacks are yet another evergreen and always-hot topic to write about.

Write about the things that make your life better. If the advice is actionable, it will be adopted by others fast.

Examples of ideas you can write about:

  • the habits you adopted to reduce your bills;
  • your favorite productivity hacks;
  • the system that helps you keep your house clean;
  • an easy to implement side hustle that boosts your revenue;
  • how to manage difficult situations.

Write about your work experience

Also, another good topic you should always write about is your career and your work experience.

Provide career advice and write about the things you had to face at the office. If you manage to generate content that fixes problems, it will reach a lot of engagements.


  • how you managed a difficult situation at the job;
  • what you do to respect deadlines;
  • how to make your work from home experience better;
  • what you do to achieve your goals;
  • what you did to get a promotion.

Bottom line

Don’t forget that the purpose of these articles is to share your experience with others.

When writing, you should focus on providing actionable advice instead of telling your personal stories.

As Seth Godin stated very well:

“I made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing.”

Never forget that your main purpose is to help others, not to brag on the internet about the awesome things you did so far.

Use “YOU” more than you use “I”. I had written about this topic recently.

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I am very curious of discovering which are the habits that help you write every day. It's not easy, I know.

It's difficult to be consistent with your writing while struggling to manage your day-to-day activities. It's not simple to always stay on track and to keep your motivation and creativity flowing.

It's mind-blowing to keep your passion alive while having a full-time job.


👇 I hope you enjoyed reading this piece. Curious to know a bit about myself? 👇

My pen name is Ryan Miller. I am a Linux Sysadmin, writing hobbyist, father, and husband. I mostly write non-fiction on Vocal, Medium, and my blogs.

My day-to-day job pays my bills, but I am not going to lie to you. I am interested in making money with my writing as well. My top earning article on Medium generated 50$ so far.

I don't cross-post everything I write on Medium here, so if you want to follow my entire work (and earn some money yourself), you should subscribe with my affiliate link. I will earn a small commission from your monthly fee, while you don't have to pay anything extra.


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