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Appreciate Your Employee's Effort By Acknowledging Their Hard Work

by Andrew Lloyd from Beaver, PA 5 months ago in how to

Andrew Lloyd of Beaver PA Says to acknowledge hard work when you see it!

Oftentimes when you are a team leader a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulder, and those are not limited to just making your team as productive as they could be, but also acknowledging the efforts done by your employees.

And simply sending a “thank you for efforts” in an email is not enough, but being a little more specific and taking some time to craft something like this:

“Thanks for saving that valuable client who was about to leave but you discovered how to resolve their really complex issue/working with another division to share your expertise to help them build their new process that will help the company reach x more people/that great interview that the governor personally commented on, it made us look really good”

Sure, the message is a bit longer than “Thank you for your time and efforts‘ but

Not only approach like this could create a better professional relationship between subordinates but also creates a work environment where hard work is valued and acknowledged.

Why And How To Praise Someone When They Do Something Great?

The reasons to praise your employee’s effort goes more than appreciation as this can help:

  1. Make performance reviews actually useful and constrictive so decisions can be more accurate.

2. The next time your employee asks for a raise or promotion to your boss this can help them make a solid statement on what they bring to the table.

3. Push the team and give them a valid reason to work harder and be more supportive of each other.

4. Help everyone including yourself to more opportunities and consistent growth.

5. Loving what you do is good but doing that with people you love can increase your organization’s productivity.

Now here are few ways on how you can make this happen:

When one of your employees does something very well, email them explaining what they did (like the example in the introduction) and what positive impact it had, and CC your boss says Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA.

This will build their reputation and also your own, a professional reputation has its perks.

Your boss likely doesn’t know them as well as you do and this allows them to get kudos from higher up.

Explaining the positive impact of your employee’s actions allows your boss to understand more of what your team does.

It also forces you to think about the positive impact in a way you may not have.

And this process makes it easier for you to recommend your people for raises/promotions/other recognition because you’ve already helped build/spread a positive reputation for them.

Then save the email (and your boss’s response, if they respond) in your employee’s personnel file to refer back to when you’re writing their annual performance review or award!

Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA says this is by far the most efficient and records way to reward your employees for their hard work by giving them recognition from the big guys.

Also, when doing this know your people, If they are embarrassed by direct praise, then just praise them behind their back to others.

If they prefer quiet recognition or a cash/time off reward, do that, employees come in different shapes and sizes.

When timing is essential and your employees always show up to work on time, and that’s notable, mention it to them.

You can say something like:

“Hey, just want to say I noticed you’re always extremely punctual; may not seem like a big deal to you but it says a lot to me about how you respect other people’s time. Thanks”

You don’t have to cc others or exaggerate how big a deal it is, on the other hand just because it’s their job doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be recognized for it.

“Praise in public, criticize in private, celebrate together, and have solidarity with your team.”

Showing my boss how awesome my staff is: makes me look good, makes them look good, helps all our careers,

And it means that when I go to my boss and say “look, my guys are flat out and overworked, what can we do about it”, there isn’t even a moment’s thought that they’re lazy.

This often happens in the corporate world because people don’t keep their boss up to date on how hard their teams and leaders are working to achieve an organizational goal.

So it is important to acknowledge your employee’s efforts and help them in their journey and maybe brag a little along the way.

How do you acknowledge your employee’s hard work? Is it always verbal? Or does it gets stockpiled in emails?

Let Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA know below! Thank you for reading!

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