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Analysing the Rich Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising

By Running BoardsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It’s essential to mention that a recent study shows that as much as 97% of people find mobile billboard advertising more beneficial than traditional print or digital advertising. Furthermore, they are more effective than their static alternatives. To put it simply, mobile billboard advertising is typically put on bus and truck sides, with the intent behind is to engage with those that will pass the vehicle. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the significant benefits of mobile billboard advertising.

Easy Reach For Larger Audiences

When it comes to the traditional marketing and advertising tropes, they mainly cater to particular areas in proximity to the business, thereby drawing a small audience. However, with mobile billboard advertising, marketers have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience. With the moving cars and buses around high traffic zones, the business will get more exposure. To put it simply, mobile billboard marketing can cover cities and townships for the best advertisement.

Target Specific Areas and Audiences

Secondarily, mobile billboard advertising can allow focusing on specific demographics and audiences. The business outfit can design their outdoor advertising route for the buses and trucks to reach the desired areas. This particular advertising method is essential for those looking to concentrate on specific socioeconomic areas and target neighbourhoods.

More and more business outfits are switching to mobile billboard advertising since the other, traditional alternatives don’t necessarily pay many dividends upon the investment today. Take, for instance, print or internet advertising doesn’t offer extensive control for the backers.

Hard to Ignore Mobile Billboard Advertising

While many advertising techniques are available nowadays for customers, each has its pros and cons- most of them can be ignored. Be it with a click or a swipe, and you can navigate your way through the adverts. However, when it comes to mobile billboard advertising, they are straightforwardly unavoidable.

As per a recent online study, 90% of people block internet adverts while there’s always a mute button for television. Professionals who use mobile billboard advertising expertly opt for LED mobile billboards or regular poster panels to convey their message to the target audience.


As mentioned already, the internet is filled with outdoor advertising options that can be both convenient and effective. However, not all of them will be budget-friendly- a given if you are a small-scale company. Most business outfits that run on a strict shoestring budget are relying greatly on mobile billboard advertising. There’s no denying that new-age advertising methods are difficult to track for identifying the return on investment.

It is essential to mention that mobile billboard advertising comes as a cost-effective advertising option against other advertising forms.

  • Printed Advertisements
  • Stationary Billboards
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Commercials

There’s no denying that budget-friendly advertising options are most essential when the global economy is continually rising. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you compromise the impact and effectiveness of the advertising. This is where mobile billboard advertising earns its strides. It provides tremendous reach, excellent exposure while remaining under conservative pricing.

In conclusion, it fits to admit that the advertising world is challenging to navigate- starting from the billboards and print ads to social media and the internet. As per trade experts and industry veterans, mobile billboard advertising has proven instrumental and influential in penetrating specific populations of people. As mentioned already, this particular advertising method offers reasonable control to the marketer.

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