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How to start an Amazon business

The good thing about Amazon is that there is no single way to start an Amazon business. From the business model you choose to the products you decide to sell, there are many ways to succeed on the platform.

However, the necessary steps to get up and running on Amazon remain the same, regardless of the type of business model and the product you choose.

1. First, decide which business model you want to use

Private Label: Private label is the process of reselling/renaming a product that is already made by their brand or label.

Wholesale store: Wholesaling is the practice of buying less expensive or discounted goods in bulk to sell them as per unit in the retail market.

Internet and/or Retail Arbitrage: Arbitrage is a way to find cheap or cheap goods in brick and mortar stores (or on commerce sites) to resell them online.

Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a business model where the Amazon retailer does not keep their product list, but instead, relays the orders of their customers directly to the manufacturer or supplier.

Handmade: Amazon's handmade retailers are people who make their products ("by hand") to sell in the Amazon market. Examples include jewelry, accessories, home decor, and more.

2. Once you have arrived at the business model, it is time to decide which filling method to use

Amazon Fulfillment (FBA);

Or Merchant Fulfillment (FBM).

There are pros and cons to both of these methods, so be sure to look at both to determine which one will work best for your business.

3. Next, think of the products you will sell

If you have a product (say, you will create your own handmade items), you may be ready to go, but you should still follow this step to ensure that your product will have enough demand on Amazon. they are very popular, but very competitive, be sure to use a tool like Jungle Scout.

4. Once you have found the product, apply to become an Amazon retailer

More details on how to complete the Amazon merchant registration process in the next section.

5. Once Amazon has verified your information and your request has been approved, start finding your products.

If you choose to sell a private label, you can find a manufacturer that will make your product using Jungle Scout's Supplier Database or Alibaba.

6. Finally, create your own product list

And once you’ve created your list, you can increase your Amazon sales from there!

How to create a merchant account on Amazon

Once you've figured out what you're planning to sell on Amazon, you'll need to go through the Amazon retailer registration process, which is very simple.

1. Go to

2. Scroll down the page, below the heading “Become an Amazon seller”

On the right side, look for the ‘See Pricing -→’ link (below the ‘Make Money’ header) and click it.

3. Choose between a single merchant or professional account

When it comes to Amazon retailer plans, you have two options: technical and private.

If you are going to sell more than 40 products a month, then registering as a professional is your ‘best bet’. Even if you sell as a hobby and do not consider yourself an expert, this program will help you save money.

However, if you plan to sell at a lower rate (i.e., less than 40 units per month), choose an individual plan.

4. Enter your email address and select 'Create New Account'

Once you have selected the merchant plan that is right for you, the following window will appear when you are asked to enter your email address and password (of your choice) for your merchant account.

When you are done, click the 'Next' button.

This will take you to a second screen that asks you to enter a one-time password (OTP) generated by Amazon, which will be sent to the email address you provided on the previous screen. This is Amazon's way of verifying the email you entered.

After you have added OTP to its corresponding field, click the 'Create Your Amazon Account' button

5. Choose your 'business location' and the type of business

The next step in the Amazon merchant registration process is to share the following information:

Your business location: This is the country where your business is located. It is very important that this is accurate, as Amazon will confirm it (see step 10).

Type of your business: You will be able to choose your business from the following options (most fall into the 'Privacy' category):

State-owned enterprises

A community-owned business

Private owned business


No, I'm a real person

Your full name: Make sure you include your last name, in the middle of the last name.

6. Enter your details

From there, you will be asked to provide Amazon with more personal information. This includes an identification form (either your passport number or your driver's license).

You may need to give them your phone number. Also, this is for verification purposes.

7. Choose your market (s)

When you have completed the 'Individual Information' section, check the box below the markets - this refers to the Amazon store location (e.g.,, etc.) - where you would like to sell, then click on 'Next'.

8. Enter your payment details

One way Amazon now verifies the identity of a potential merchant is to ensure that their credit card details are valid.

Therefore, after you have selected your markets, you will be asked to enter the number and expiration date of one of your credit cards, as well as the name of that card.

9. Enter details of your (your) product and Amazon store

After you have provided your credit card details and verified, you will be asked a few questions about your Amazon store and the products you plan to sell.

To proceed to the next stage of the Amazon merchant registration process, you will need the following answers:

Name of your Amazon store

Whether you have UPC codes for your product or not

If you are a manufacturer and/or owner of the product (s) you are selling

If you have a registered trademark of your product.

10. Address verification

Finally, once you have completed all the other steps of the verification process, you will be asked to verify the business address you provided in step six ('Personal Information' screen).

Once verified, you are logged in!

In order to be on the safe side, we recommend setting up 2-step verification for your account (for added security). However, once your details and your business have been verified, all you need to do is start accessing

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