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Amazon Product Research Tips for 2020

by Moritz Bauer 2 years ago in business
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+ [Amazon SEO Checklist for 2020]

Tip #1 Start your product research

There are a lot of tools out there to start your product research. For the first time, I recommend starting with a free Amazon Seller Tool.

For example, you can start using free tools of Helium 10. Helium 10 Chrome Extension is free to use, and Helium 10 Black Box is also free of charge.

But there are also more tools on the market, which you can use for free. Some of them are even limited, but they are definitely worth it.

As an Amazon Seller, you fit into one of three major seller categories. These are resellers, retail arbitrage sellers, and private label sellers. Here's a quick overview of these three types:


They serve as a middleman between product sources and Amazon. Resellers are looking for cheap product sources (often overseas). Also, they are looking for untapped opportunities on the Amazon marketplace. Their main strategy is to outprice other Amazon sellers.

Retail Arbitrage Sellers

Retail Arbitrage Sellers work like normal Retail Sellers. The difference is that they purchase their products in retail stores like Walmart, Target etc.

Then they sell their products on Amazon in order to make some profits.

Private Label Seller

Private label sellers take an existing product, modify or rebrand them and sell them as their own.

This is very interesting for Amazon sellers, because they can build their own brand in the long run.

Tip #2 Where to look for products

Global Sourcing Platforms

Very often, people start their research on Alibaba. Alibaba is an enormous platform for Asian manufactures and wholesalers. Alibaba is one of the best Places to find a product for Private Labeling.

If you want to check out alternatives, you can read this article about relevant Alibaba Alternatives.

You can also check this article about Alibaba vs. AliExpress.

Retail stores

If you’re starting as a retail arbitrage seller, a helpful technique can be to walk into stores, see what’s on clearance and observe what’s selling on Amazon.

Then you can purchase these reduced products and sell them at an expensive price on Amazon.

Tip #3 Don't focus on products that your passionate about

Don't be someone who will only confine your research to a niche, in that you're interested. If you do so, you may overlook other profitable niches, just because you don't know these products.

Also, the products you're interested in could be very competitive. If you focus on highly competitive products, then chance is high you will fail.

The top sellers often sell very diverse products and focus on the products, that aren't that competitive.

Tip #4 Be Flexible

Even when you find great products, rank the first position and make 5 figures a month, there could something that harms your business.

In the case of an Amazon Business, it could be the Amazon algorithm, the entrance of new competitors or the loss of demand for a specific product.

For this reason, spread your Amazon product portfolio and be flexible to overcome obstacles.

Tip #5 Assuming a lack of opportunities

Often sellers may think that every niche is already occupied. But that could not be further from the truth.

"The only constant in life is change."

Even in highly competitive categories, products are overlooked, such as a color variation or an additional special offer.

Countless niches and specific categories exist where there are bad product listings or bad product pictures.

In such niches, it is easy to stand out from the competition by offering your listing in an optimized way and providing better pictures.

Tip #6 Researching Categories that are worth it

You have to find niches that are worth investing in. These niches should not be highly competitive and have a high sales potential.

Sometimes, there's a product all sellers are following. Suddenly there is a storm of sellers fighting for dominating this trend.

But you should focus on less competitive niches. You can then offer a coupon code and stand out from your competition.

A successful seller will search for products that are overlooked by the competition.

This will enable him to sell products that may seem uninteresting at first glance, but are highly profitable at second glance.


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