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Achieve Your Beautiful Smile with Removable Hawley Retainers

by Iinvisible Braces about a year ago in business
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Getting to the stage where you graduate from wearing dental braces to finally putting on a retainer is exciting since it signifies progress. A retainer is used to hold your teeth in place once braces come off. Since it takes close to a year for your periodontal ligaments to cement fully into their new positions, it is important that you follow instructions regarding retainer usage. Disregarding instructions could see the gaps opening up again or your teeth shifting and getting crooked once more.

The ligaments and tissues in the mouth need time to adjust to the teeth’s new locations. These ligaments are kind of elastic, so they will be tempted to snap back into their previous locations, taking the teeth slowly with them. The retainer works to retain the new locations of your teeth. Once your braces are first removed, your orthodontist will explain when and how you should wear your retainer. For many, it will be worn around the clock for the first several months, and then you may be able to wear it only at night.

When worn and cared for properly, a retainer is a tool to ensure your smile stays straight and beautiful for life. However, if you don’t not properly care for your retainer, it cannot do its job properly. That means ensuring it is kept safe and clean and it is worn exactly as recommended. If you do not properly clean your retainer, tartar and plaque can build up, which can lead to issues with your oral health.

A retainer on its own will not be used to align your teeth. A retainer’s job is to maintain the smile. If you have not worn your retainer for a while and have noticed your teeth may have shifted slightly, it may be able to get them back into place, if the shift is only minimal.

Retainers should never be used instead of braces to correct an orthodontic issue. If you close a gap in one place in the mouth, chances are you are creating another one somewhere else. Removable Hawley Retainers (also known as Wire Retainers) is the most durable teeth retainer because it is made of hard acrylic and stainless steel wire.

Hawley wire retainers are special teeth retainers designed to stabilize and maintain the present position of your teeth. In order for the retainer to serve its purpose effectively, it has to be custom-made to fit the patient’s unique, properly aligned bite.

You can order your custom-made Hawley retainer online for half the price of the dentists office and from the comfort of your own home. Achieve your desired smile with Hawley retainers. Place your order online today and get your teeth impression kit at your home.


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