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Achieve Great Business Outcomes with Physicians Email List

Sending a doctor's email newsletter, letter, or other correspondence via postal mail or fax is time-consuming and expensive. So what do you do if you want to send out a newsletter but don't have the time to compile it from scratch? You can learn how to create an email marketing list tailored for your practice in just a few minutes using these free online tools.

By employAStarPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In this blog post, we'll take you through what makes an effective email marketing list and how it will help your practice achieve greater business success!

What Makes an Effective Email Marketing List?

While you may be tempted to create a huge email list filled with the information you have available, such as physicians' names, addresses and phone numbers, try to keep your list as targeted as possible. This means it's a good idea to create separate lists for different kinds of contacts. For example, if you want to send out newsletters, it would be best to have a separate list for newsletter contacts than for contacts interested in events or advertising information. These narrow lists will help you avoid paying postage fees for sending letters and newsletters telling people about events or ads that aren't relevant to them.

To make sure your email marketing list is effective, there are some rules that must be followed.

• Keep it current. Citing the FDA, this article from Healthcare IT News states that buying physicians email addresses for your list will send your emails straight to spam. If you want to keep your emails out of spam folders, make sure you're sending them to your contacts' personal accounts and not to their work or practice email addresses. You also need to make sure that the email addresses are current. It's a good idea to conduct an audit of the email addresses on your list every year so that you don't miss anyone who has left or joined your team since last time you sent out a newsletter or other correspondence.

• Keep it private. Be sure that you are using reliable sources for creating an email marketing list. Buying email addresses is a sure-fire way to see your emails end up in spam folders. Also, make sure to never use an entire list of physicians' names that you find online, as this could violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's Privacy Rule.

• Keep it relevant. The most effective email marketing lists include only the relevant information about your contacts such as their name, specialty, job title and company name. If you are sending out a newsletter featuring several different physicians from your clinic or practice, it's okay to put all their names on the same list. On the other hand, you should create separate lists for doctors of a particular specialty or practice type. Also, if you are sending out a newsletter featuring several different practices from your clinic or practice, it's best to create separate lists for each practice, rather than listing them all on the same list.

• Keep it brief. The law requires that commercial emails contain a notice disclosing who sent the email, which allows people to take action if they no longer want to receive emails. It's a good idea to include the words "Ad" or "Advertisement" in the subject line of any email marketing list you send out so that people are aware of your intentions. Also, be sure your message is relevant and brief. A single paragraph explaining who you are and why they should listen to you will keep your message short and effective.

• Keep it unique. Make every email you send personal and unique. It's a good idea to start each message with the recipients' name and their title (Dr., Mrs., Ms., etc.) These two items are specified in the law, so it's essential that you comply with these requirements as well. If you're sending out one large mass mailing or if your mailing is going to multiple recipients, make sure that your messaging is clear and easy to read. Also, make sure that your subject line is informative and informative about the content of the email so people will open it without hesitation.


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