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A Walk Around Stockton

A Day In The Life Of Me

By Cathy (Christine Acheini) Ben-Ameh Published 2 years ago 3 min read
The Holy Trinity Church, Stockton-On-Tees, England.

In the last three years, I have moved cities five times. It is not easy to explain the reasons why I have been hopping around England so much but it is much easier to confess that a huge part of me likes it.

I moved to Stockton-On-Tees, a small market town about a ten-minute drive from Middlesborough at the border of County Durham and the riding of North Yorkshire on July 22, 2022, barely three weeks ago.

So far I have made a couple of new acquaintances and reconnected with others living in neighbouring cities of Newcastle and Middlesborough.

However, there is nothing quite like discovering a place for yourself. So, this is what I have been doing by taking long walks toward different cardinal points of the town facing where I currently live.

The first place I fell in love with was the river on Mandale road under the bridge that links to the Stockton town centre. Rivers make me calm and one requirement for the house I eventually buy is that it must face a beautiful, clean river.

I regularly walk by this river but yesterday being a blazing hot sunny Saturday,(August 13, 2022) I fed my curiosity while enjoying the sun and ventured to the abandoned Holy Trinity Church in the park opposite Lidl.

There is a human quality to this building. I felt close to it and stayed staring at it, taking pictures and just enjoying its company for a while. Surrounding it is the park, and a little cemetery at the park's corner.

I especially enjoyed walking through this door that also had a write-up about the history of this place.

After about thirty minutes here, I walked towards the town centre looking to find something special about it that I had not already seen.

As I headed towards Yarm Road from the road that turns left opposite Sharwama city, I stopped by this old-style Telephone booth and pondered on the future of technology and, whether or not we should try to stop it. On one side of it was the receiver and buttons with the bit to slide your coin into before dialling whoever you want to call. On the other side was an ATM machine. Isn't this who we have become as a society? Is there something wrong with it?

At the top end of Yarm road facing the town centre, I walked towards the Indoor market. Not much goes on there at the minute but I know there is a sweets shop, an English breakfast restaurant where I thoroughly enjoy a nice vegetarian breakfast without the eggs and butter to make it vegan at £4.10 every couple of weeks or so. It sounds basic but there is something about those hash browns, that taste so wonderful and make me so happy. The restaurant is called The Shambles Cafe.

As I walk through these places I have a sense of deja vu like I have never felt before. It is everything about this town. Even on the first day when I walked on the path towards Teeside Park, I had this wild sense that I have been here before.

So far, I have enjoyed the Stockton Riverside International Festival and walked a small perimeter of Stockton but I sense there is so much more to see. I have heard of Butterfly World, the Arts Centre, The Forum, The Flea market, the famous Teeside Princess boat and much more. I would like to see these sites before I have to move again because I have a very strong feeling that will happen quite soon.


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Cathy (Christine Acheini) Ben-Ameh


Cathy Ben-Ameh has published two books; "The Impact of Music Streaming on The Music Industry: Case study-Spotify" and "'13- A Chapbook of 13 Short Poems".

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