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A Standing Message to Recruiters

Think about the impression you make when ghosting candidates.

By TheBusinessPeriodPublished about a year ago 3 min read

To ALL Recruiters,

I understand that the winter season represents a stressful time for employees, management, and executives. Fighting to the new year is like trying to finish the last week of high school. It's unpredictable, time-consuming, and stressful. However, I'm noticing a trend implemented by recruiters such as yourselves that represent you in one way: you are poor at communication!

I do not work in human resources/recruitment so I would not understand the daily tasks in that department. But I do know that communication is the make or break in the corporate world. It's the main objective to talk with people who could fill a position that meets the requirements and reigns as the best candidate. You serve as the middleman between the candidate and the hiring manager. The determinant of getting the job depends on the strength of my professional relationship with you. But how can I establish a relationship with you, and you ghost me?

I work my tail off to find the best jobs that match my skills and work effortlessly to improve interview strategies that'll land me the role I'm looking for. I do my best to make conversation, establish a network, and learn from the best. But to find a constant roadblock in my way such as your inability to give the necessary feedback to determine if I made it to the next interview round or not. If you didn't think I was the right candidate for this role, tell me. If you found someone else for the role, tell me. But do not have me standing on edge expecting an email or a phone call from you.

I'm a 24-year-old, Black gay woman who is going through hardships just like the next person. I have student loan debt. I don't have health insurance. I come from a blue-collar family that has worked themselves to the bone to make things happen for their kids. I have long-term financial goals to complete! But I am tired of the rejections and ghosting did by people like you. People like me do not have time to waste waiting for you to reply to our messages.

If you learn how to do your job and communicate the RIGHT way, you can find diamonds in a field of rhinestones! Millions of people like me have what it takes to complete the objectives necessary to push a company in the right direction. But y'all don't want to see that. Sure, you get 200+ messages a day from candidates looking for an opportunity and it gets to be too much, but that's the job you've signed up for. How can I person with no or little experience get the vital experience when they can't even get a reply? I may not have all of the answers and certifications in the world but, I DO HAVE THE GUTS AND WILLPOWER. I'm quick on my feet, know how to ask the right questions, can lead a team, and know-how to get things done. I am a qualified candidate! Your ghosting behavior will not stop my forward train.

I find it unfair and risible about the actions made by recruiters like you! Starting off my hosting phone screens, you get a first impression about a candidate and they walk through their experience with you.

Here you'll say: It was great talking with you. I'll let you know by the end of the week your next steps in the interview process.

A week passes; still no next steps from you. Then I'll contact you through email and by phone. There's still not a response in sight. Why is that? Does it make you feel powerful to lead people on? Is your life so emotionally poor, you take out your frustrations on a candidate out of spite? Whatever it is, I can guarantee you one thing: When the right company picks me up, you'll wish you would have taken me. You'd wish you had taken a lot of me's. Stay blessed.


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