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A Proven Strategy to Earn $1,500 Monthly On Medium by Writing.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making $1,500 Monthly increase your earnings with these 3 simple strategies.

By ASAD EDUCATEPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
A Proven Strategy to Earn $1,500 Monthly On Medium by Writing.
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Stop writing entertainment stories if you want to make more money on Medium Everyone wants to look at the best side hustles to get started.

A way how to make passive income, a way to live a financial freedom life etc.

As writers, we want to make more and more money by writing especially on Medium.

Keep in mind in this competition in order to make a good amount of money by writing you need to do different, and write differently, like Jim Clyde Monge in his stories.

Recently, I inspire a lot by Jim Clyde Monge story where he shared their Medium income report in the Month of December 2022.

Focus on your content plus how to get more and more audience these are the main aim you have as a writer on Medium.

Usually, these are Ways to grow an audience on Medium

Problem-solving content performs better than other content we published Shared some tips with people on how to become more and more productive in life, and how to learn new skills quickly and effectively.

As I mentioned earlier.

a well-researched article increasing the chances of curations. In other words, Going viral on Medium by writing quality content.

to be honest Short paragraphs increase the member reading time.

2. You should submit Your Medium story to Publications.

Almost every time I talk about the growth on Medium I use this point over and over again that you have write for Publications to make more money on Medium.

It takes some effort, so keep working and patience because it is the key to success on this platform.

3. Publched content on Medium Consistently in other words Write a lot daily or weekly and make a plan.

Medium rewards only those who published quality and problem-solving content

Yes, to be honest, make a plan. You need to spend more and more time in order to make four figures passive income on Medium.

Bonus Tips:

Always Promote your content on different outsourced platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. and Get a positive impact on your Content and increase readership.

Also, try to improve your writing skills every single day because in the future Medium allows you to get more and more chances to work with other people It could be an individual or a company.

Another overall best side hustles you can start quickly and effectively.

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A Proven Strategies to Make Passive income From Amazon! ( A Beginners Guide)

Make passive online If I could do this, you can too, learn exactly how to get started!

There are several ways you can make money on Amazon but today I have something special for you I’m going to reveal to you the same strategy I applied as an affiliate marketer!

Start as an amazon affiliate marketing business.

I will tell you exactly how to start in the right way and enjoy your earnings. In other words, it is also known as affiliate marketing.

For better understanding!

A way to share other people's products through your affiliate link and make a commission each time when you make sales.

90% of people don’t know exactly how to make over and over again income with affiliate marketing.

Here’s the right way to make money with affiliate marketing!

“Write a blog post and then add an amazon products link into the blog post.”

I know you have a lot of questions! when comes to writing a blog post. Such as I need to gain knowledge in writing and what type of products I promote.

In fact, go with passion in other words what type of products you like to buy and what type of products you like to use!

The same products start to be suggested to other people.

Things you need to know before writing a blog post.

Like Keyword research, Introductions of the post On page SEO, interlink etc.

Keep in mind in order to make it on amazon as an affiliate you need to focus on the intent of the keywords!

For examples! “Best Microwave under $100”

It is also called Commercial keywords. The above keywords show that a user looking for a microwave and is exactly under the budget of $100.

And now you have an amazing opportunity to solve other people's problems and make passive income!

Always try to target low-competition and high-search volume keywords in your blog post.

Another question! How to know which keywords are best and have low competition and high search for this I Suggest you some keyword research tools such as Ahref (paid) semrush (paid) Google keyword planner (Paid) Ubersuggest (Free+Paid) and the Hoth (free)

Let’s move to the next step where to write a blog post.

Obviously, for this, you need to have a blog! There are many popular platforms that allow you to create a blog and start an affiliate marketing business in the right way.

Several places are available to start a blog But The more profitable and highly recommended platform is called WordPress.

Here’s the guide where I explain everything about how to create a successful blog in 7 easy steps.

However, overall These are the same strategy I applied when I started my own journey as an affiliate marketer.

Note: There’s no shortcut way to make passive income with an affiliate marketing business. It requires a lot of hard work plus consistency after that you’ll be able to generate good income from affiliate marketing.

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