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A Deep-Rooted Learning Culture Has Kept Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China Thriving for 25 Years

freight forwarder china

By SunnyWorldwideLogisticsPublished 4 days ago 4 min read
freight forwarder china

Every year, many new freight forwarder China companies are registered, while some go out of business. Statistics show that most freight forwarder China companies do not survive beyond three years. How has Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China managed to thrive for 25 years and overcome the three-year hurdle? The answer lies in our culture of learning.

For a new employee joining the company, most freight forwarder China companies would have them start working immediately. In our company, however, new employees first go through a training program.

After joining, new employees participate in a one-month induction reading group, which helps develop a closed-loop thinking process in their work. Many employees have reported that this has been extremely helpful. Often, the habit in the workplace is to leave tasks as they are, whether done well or poorly, without follow-up. Through the closed-loop thinking training, employees learn to report back to their leaders on their work, whether it went well or not, to correct issues or to receive new assignments. This approach has been refined over 25 years of experience in cultivating new employees at Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China.

This means that in subsequent work, whether it's creating proposals or following up on orders, any issues or completions are reported to the manager. The manager, with their experience, provides feedback on areas needing improvement, whether alternative plans are necessary to prevent unexpected issues, or if the cost of the plan is too high. From this, I constantly refine our approach. For example, for frequently used ports and airports in South America and Europe, I learn to identify the best airlines to use upon receiving an inquiry. This knowledge is invaluable for a freight forwarder China company.

We hold weekly meetings where, aside from discussing last week's work and experiences, we have knowledge-sharing sessions. Each department prepares a knowledge point to share with others, allowing employees to learn valuable first-hand experience not found in books.

Additionally, every Wednesday, we study the "nail spirit," focusing on work goals with determination and not giving up until results are achieved. Every employee in our freight forwarder China company is expected to embody this spirit. This rapid growth mindset ensures employees remember the strengths of various airlines, countries, ports, and airports. When a client asks about common points, we can quickly respond with the best airline or shipping company, providing prompt solutions to clients.

As an experienced freight forwarder China, we stay updated on policy changes in various countries. Many countries have changing tax exemption and rebate policies, and we promptly notify clients to help reduce hidden costs. Behind Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China are over 20 years of supplier relationships, which is why our long-term clients remain loyal.

As a freight forwarder China company with 25 years of experience, we care more about our clients' needs than they do, with a 99% on-time rate barring natural disasters. If you have international transportation needs, please contact us.

The delayed cargo due to high-temperature load limits was arranged for shipment by us. The client exclaimed that this freight forwarder China is reliable

Just half a month ago, a factory in Guangzhou received an urgent order from a client in Johannesburg, South Africa, requiring high time efficiency. Naturally, as a long-term cooperating freight forwarder China, the factory turned to us. Unfortunately, it was during the summer when high-temperature load limits on airfreight were increasingly common.

Every flight tends to overbook cargo, and with 25 years of experience in the freight forwarder China business, we are well aware of this. For example, if a flight can only carry 40 tons of cargo, it might overbook to 45 or even 55 tons to ensure the flight can still depart fully loaded in case of sudden order cancellations. In autumn and winter, without high-temperature load limits, the downside of overbooking is not very noticeable, but in summer, if each flight overbooks by about 15 tons, then with three flights a week, there will be around 15 tons of overbooked cargo each week.

Unfortunately, this batch of cargo was delayed due to high-temperature load limits. Upon hearing this, the Guangzhou factory immediately called, saying, "If it can't arrive in South Africa on time, I will hold you accountable!"

As a responsible freight forwarder China, we must serve our premium clients well, so I marked this order as an exception and followed up in real time.

I contacted the CA flight manager, actively securing a spot on the next flight, while also arranging backup plans just in case. Unfortunately, the feedback was similar—due to high-temperature load limits, there were always one or two flights' worth of cargo waiting to be cleared.

I told the airline salesperson that this order was from our VIP client and very important for a freight forwarder China company like us. We have shipped so much cargo with their airline, and this time we needed their help to prioritize this shipment. The salesperson assured me they would prioritize it and requested their company to expedite the shipment, promising a reply by the end of the day. I relayed the situation to the Guangzhou factory, saying we would try to ship the cargo within two flights. The factory indicated they would also communicate with the South African client to extend the delivery time if possible.

Finally, at 5 PM, the airline responded: after full communication with their leadership, considering our long-term partnership and this special situation, they agreed to prioritize our shipment, promising to ship the cargo within two flights. I continued to follow up daily with the airline to monitor cargo retention and flight shipments. Finally, the cargo was successfully shipped on the second flight!

In fact, industry giants such as Huawei, Costco, SF Express, and nearly 20 other major companies, as well as over a hundred enterprises, have been using Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China. For over 20 years, Sunny Worldwide Freight Forwarder China has maintained a 99% on-time rate, except for natural disasters.

I shared this news with the Guangzhou factory, and they were very moved, saying, "We initially thought it was impossible. We were preparing to have a tough conversation with the client about changing the schedule, but your relentless efforts made it possible. Your dedication and perseverance are truly touching, making you a trustworthy freight forwarder China!"

freight forwarder china


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