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9 Essential Elements To Become A Power Writer

by Warren Brown 15 days ago in advice

You can make a difference with your writings

9 Essential Elements To Become A Power Writer
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You do not have to be a published author to write great reading materials. There are nine elements which need to be considered, when you take up the pen to make a difference in the literary world and become a Power Writer.

Interest: The subject of your writing should be a topic that you are interested in and have some information to share.

Research: It is important that you do research into your topic of interest. An individual who is interested in your topic, would like to know the facts. There is so much information available on the internet today, but, everything may not be accurate or true. As a writer it is also your duty and responsibility to verify the information that you are about to share with your readers and the world.

Time: Develop good time management skills. There is always a tendency to get caught up in the day-to-day happenings in our lives, that we do not find the time to write. At the beginning it is good to keep fifteen minutes aside for writing every day. Gradually over time you will find that fifteen minutes of writing time is not sufficient, because you have so many thoughts which need to be shared. Your thoughts will come flowing into your mind like an open tap with creative vibrations.

Inspiration: Your writing will be the source of inspiration for your readers to be more aware of a subject, to do research and write about the topic, or to change their lives in some positive way. In my writings I make an effort to find the positive in the negative and to express my creative mind.

Creativity: Use your writing to express your creative ideas. Sometimes we can get the most absurd ideas when we least expect it. There could be ideas which may seem absurd, but which could later develop into a great idea for a story, article or a blog post. If you want to discover the extent of your imagination, you need to be bold, brave and courageous enough to throw yourself into the open chasm of your creative mind.

Perspectives Matter: There are so many ways in which we can view an idea or a story. A simple story could be told in a variety of ways, from the first person, second person or the third person’s point of view. Each point of view presents its own unique way of viewing the story, as it unfolds.

Emotion: Your feelings and the way in which you convey those feelings in words, plays a vital role in making your writing interesting to the reader. Your reader must feel the emotions and the atmosphere of your story. The reader needs to experience the emotions felt by the characters in your story. It is only then possible for your story to speak to your reader at the emotional level, making your story more powerful.

Characters: Write a story about a character you like or dislike. Create a character in a situation where he or she faces challenges which they must overcome. The central character in your story must have their strengths and weaknesses. Readers can relate to a character who is human with their flaws and failings. Your protagonist needs to overcome or be overcome by their situations. The antagonist can be a person or a situation which opposes the main character. The struggles, defeats and triumphs of the main character in your story will make it popular with your readers.

Impact: Write a story filled with a mix of characters, situations and emotional tensions in a tightly crafted plot. This will give your story the much needed impact to keep your readers entertained and coming back to read more of your work.

Start Writing Today to make a difference in the world. There are so many writers in the world writing on a variety of topics. But, they are not you. You are a unique individual with a literary talent born out of the fire and flames of all your life experiences to this point in your life.

Your writing has been nourished by all your favourite writers and all the most amazing stories that you have read and heard. The writing which you are about to create is waiting to burst like a star and shed its light on the skies of the literary world.

Warren Brown
Warren Brown
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Warren Brown

Warren Brown is an Independent Author and Publisher. Warren is a Life Coach, Copywriter (AWAI) and an Author Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Warren lives in London.

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