7 Ways to Run an Eco-Friendly Office That Employees Love

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Working in the business world is a hard job with a lot of causes, but there's one responsibility that most companies ignore because it simply isn't on their advantage, speaking in the financial meaning. Most companies don't like responsibility for the harm they're causing to the environment and they aren't taking any measures despite the fact that the business world should be responsible for a big part of all pollution in this world

7 Ways to Run an Eco-Friendly Office That Employees Love

Most companies don’t take responsibility for the harm they’re causing to the environment, and therefore they aren’t taking any measures despite the fact that the business world is responsible for a big part of all pollution in this world.

Thankfully, more and more companies approach an eco-friendly atmosphere in the office, but still, not enough to save the world.

I know that it may be a difficult change in the office, and the employees might face some difficulties, but we can learn to run a business, and protect the world we live in at the same time. Not to mention that there are simple and cost-effective ways to be more eco-friendly than employees might actually like.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting you our top seven ways to run an eco-friendly office that employees will love.

1. Present the idea to the employees.

The first step towards running an eco-friendly office that employees love is to involve them into this change by presenting this idea to them and its importance, as after all they will benefit from a healthier workplace, according to a top assignment service and other assignment help online or college paper help.

Of course, some of the employees won’t be very excited about this change, as they don’t really care about the harm they’re doing to this planet and to themselves, and because of this kind of employee, you have to make sure you present the importance of this change in the office, and even present the numerous benefits that come with it.

You see, people don’t respond well to change as it comes with unknown. Therefore, if you cut the unknown from the equation, the employees will even be excited to turn things around for the better and set a good example in this world.

2. Power Saving

There are so many ways to save power. First of all, you should leverage the natural light, and use artificial lights only when it’s really necessary. You can even install motion sensors in the places that lighting is absolutely necessary. As well, fluorescent bulbs are extremely eco-friendly.

Do you know that all your plugged technology is using power overnight, or when is not used? So, take action and buy a program that powers down all the technology at least at night, advises dissertation writing services. As well, program all the computers to power off after the same amount of time.

Last, you should seriously consider solar power, even if it’s a bit expensive, most governments are helping with generous investments for the ones who try to protect the environment.

3. Office Supplies

First of all, paper waste is one of the biggest issues in every office, so you either go paperless by going digital, or you recycle all the paper you have left, and buy hemp paper which you’ll also recycle.

As well, because of the exaggerated use of paper, there’s exaggerated use of pens, so just buy reusable eco-friendly pens from now on, or you can buy notepads for the ones that really need them.

4. Office Policies

If there’s a specific dress code to the office like wearing suits, you may consider to change it with a more casual approach as the dry cleaning required for suits is consuming a lot of power. Not to mention that the employees will love the idea, as casual means more comfortable, according to superior papers review.

As well, allow your employees to work from home two days a week. This will drastically reduce the environmental effects, and your employees will be more than happy to work from home.

5. Use only Green Products

Around the office, the staff uses a lot of cleaning products that are extremely harmful to the environment, therefore you should take action in this way too. Get rid of the toxic cleaning products you are currently using, and use only green products that protect both your staff and the environment.

As well, to take even better care of the environment around your office, go literally green and put loads of plants around the office, so you and your employees will enjoy cleaner, and healthier air.

6. Recycle – Never Throw

Around the office things get old and need replacement, and when you face these situations, here’s what you should do. First, don’t throw the broken machine—transport it to a recycling point. And the next step it to replace it with something eco-friendly.

As well, if around the office there are machines that present several issues, replace them with their eco-friendly option instead of fixing them, as the older they get, the more harmful they are for the environment.

7. Create Monthly Green Challenges

Employees are generally competitive, as they have to be when it comes to promotion and evolving in their professional life. And you should leverage this aspect to make your employees embrace this eco-friendly atmosphere faster.

So, what you’ll have to do is to simply create monthly challenges and contests based on a rewarding system like whoever recycles the most plastic gains a coupon code at his favorite store, or whoever walks the most to the office and back wins a bike.

There are so many ideas you can implement around the office, and not only that, the office will become more eco-friendly within weeks, but your employees will really love to come to work as they have several reasons more to come a do a great job.


By running an eco-friendly office you might even end up saving money here and there. Of course, that if you choose to use green energy the technology will be more expensive, but at the end of the day the damage we are currently doing to Mother Nature we are actually doing to us, because without Mother Nature we can’t survive. Not to mention that the government will help you make this change, so finance isn’t really an issue anymore.

Therefore, running an eco-friendly office means taking care of us and our health, and creating a better world for our kids and grandchildren. Last, but not least, it’s all about the way you present this change to the employees, because no matter how much we want to increase the business’s profits, you are doing it for a big price, helping at destroying this planet.

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