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7 Tips to Combat Digital Ad Fatigue

by Ayesha Ambreen about a month ago in business
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How to reduce ad fatigue by creating considerate brand messages?

7 Tips to Combat Digital Ad Fatigue
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How many online ads do you see every day?

According to some estimates, an average internet user sees between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day online.

No matter how tolerant you are of online ads, this number is just plain rude. No one should be exposed to so much noise. And that’s what modern digital advertising has become: noise. In the frenzy of getting our brand message across to as many users as possible and as many times as we want, the brand messages – even the most well-crafted ones – have become little more than noise.

But if we stop marketing and stop showing up in people’s feeds, won’t they forget about us? What should be the correct course of action?

Thing is, we do not need to stop ad campaigns, just change our philosophy about them. No more pushy, salesy ads. Let’s try to reduce people’s ad fatigue by creating considerate brand messages in a polite, ethical, and respectful way that values customer service and customer experience.

Let’s see what such a process will entail.

1. Put Customer Experience First

Customer experience is a sum of emotions and feelings that a customer experiences when they engage with you.

Was the website quick and easy to load? Was the information they were looking for right in front of them, updated and accurate? Was the experience personalized? Did your algorithm correctly predict what they were looking for on the site? How easy it was to complete the purchase or the signup process? Were the brand aesthetics pleasing?

These – and several other similar factors – combine to create a great customer experience. Satisfying UX not only improves your ad’s CTR but also results in:

Factors to create an amazing customer experience.

  • Positive brand perceptions
  • Greater brand loyalty
  • Increased brand engagement
  • Better brand equity

2. Track Your Ad Campaign

To ensure that your ads are not tiring out your consumers, regular campaign monitoring is essential. If you aren’t looking at your ads, you won’t when or why your customers stopped engaging with them.

Regular monitoring of your ad campaigns can help you spot gaps in your strategy. Two important ad performance indicators – frequency and CTR – can be viewed and analyzed through ad platform analytics.

The frequency indicator tells you how often your ads are showing up in your target audience’s feed. The CTR is the rate at which people click on your ads. If the CTR is dropping while the frequency goes high, you know people are ignoring your ads.

You can then take early action to make sure that your ads are doing what you send them out to do: get your brand noticed.

3. Multiple Ads on Rotation

When people see the same thing over and over again they get tired of it. To fix that, try creating different versions of your ad and publish them on rotation. Let’s take the example of an environment-friendly business where you can sell your old gadgets.

There are different ways its ads can be crafted. The primary version could be an ad about selling your used laptop. However, some other versions may include ‘learn more’ ads, ‘how it works’ ads, an ad that introduces the company and invites you to ‘check it out’, or something entirely different.

The benefit of using multiple versions and putting them on rotation is not only in reducing ad fatigue but also in attracting clients with varying sensibilities when it comes to online ads. Example: some people like ‘Buy Now’ ads whereas some others may just want to visit the websites without making the commitment to buy anything. For such an audience ‘learn more’ ads or introductory ads are beneficial.

4. Change Ad Format

A want to keep ads interesting is to present them in various formats. Display ads are nice but also think about banner ads. Video ads are all the rage these days – especially the explainer videos. According to statistics, video ads, more specifically shoppable video ads, are the most successful when it comes to converting customers.

So if your customers are ignoring your boring display ad or getting annoyed by a constant repeat of the same video ad, try switching things up. Create a shoppable video. Release an explainer or a testimonial video. Some major ad formats that you can try for your various marketing goals on Facebook include:

Facebook Ad Formats

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories/Reels
  • Ads on messaging apps
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads,
  • Collection ads, and
  • Playable ads

5. Use Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are the newest and the coolest kids on the block. They are dynamic because they continually change their appearance and content to suit each user’s specific needs. Dynamic ads ensure that when a user sees such an ad, they are viewing content that is exactly tailored to what they are looking for and is the most effective for them.

To create dynamic ads you’ll need access to data such as users’ online behavior, browsing history, location, and their interest in various products. If a user has previously engaged with one of your products, the dynamic ad will customize itself to showcase that particular product (and others relevant to it) to that specific user when they view your ad again.

As you can probably gauge, dynamic ads are an effective strategy to offer a personalized and very targeted experience. These ads ensure more engagement and a higher click-through rate as well.

Wrapping Up

An ad campaign takes time, effort, money, and serious insight before it is planned and released. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep track of all your ad campaigns so you can detect if things start to go south. Even a small dip in engagement needs your critical review of the campaign so you can spot flaws immediately and employ corrective action to keep your CTRs high.


About the author

Ayesha Ambreen

I am a content strategist with 10+ years of experience in marketing, branding, and business development. I love exploring creative new solutions to changes that underline the marketing industry so brands can stay relevant and agile.

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