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7 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Workers

Remote working is not a new concept. Many companies have adopted this model long before recent years.

By kunalPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
7 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Workers
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As teleworking has become the standard solution for thousands of businesses and employees today, we are here to assist you by sharing our knowledge and experience we have regarding employee engagement. The same philosophies and practices apply to remote working; Making sure everyone feels valued and encouraged at work from home will go a long way in helping your team thrive and emerge stronger from the global crisis.

1. Communication

Communication is more important today than ever. Make sure your team is connected to the business communication platforms and tools that keep everyone in the loop.

Encourage employees to ask questions and brainstorm as if they were in face-to-face meetings. Using webcams is very helpful in establishing a human connection. This is because many basic communication signals are lost in chats or emails.

2. Create a group ritual

It is easier to involve everyone in the work activities when the work plan includes rituals and patterns. Although everyone operates from their home bubble, they are still part of the corporate culture.

Whether it's a morning greeting in a group chat - just like an office coffee maker meeting - or scheduled calls to discuss customer delivery success stories, these familiar little tasks will help keep the day going .

3. Encourage your employees to make the most of their time

The lines between work and personal life can become blurred when you work from home. It is important to help employees set boundaries so they don't feel pressured to work during their downtime.

Make sure that lunch breaks continue and that workers are flexible enough to exercise and enjoy some sun - especially if current restrictions allow for a daily training trip.

4. Share regular company updates

Even if your company may not currently operate from a central hub, it is important to keep everyone informed of company updates.

It's easy for employees to feel disconnected from the company while working remotely, especially since there is so much economic and social uncertainty. Through transparency and honesty towards employees and a top-down approach to communication, it helps the team to stay connected and to be inspired by the values ​​of your company.

5. Share evaluation and achievements

Celebrating small victories will help keep everyone on track. Being aware of the efforts of your employees, especially as they get used to remote working, will encourage productivity and continuous performance efforts.

When you have a reward strategy that has worked well in an office setting, there is no reason why the main goals of this plan cannot be translated into a remote working model. Getting rid of the bonuses and perks your employees enjoyed before moving can be frustrating and negatively affect their work ethic.

6. Just take notes

Feedback falls into your broader communication strategy for remote workers. The employees need direct contact with their superiors and have the feeling that support and guidance are still available to them in the event of problems.

You can encourage routine feedback through specially developed platforms or simply ensure that managers check in to employees frequently, read and respond to urgent e-mails, and ensure that employees feel safe when addressing colleagues and executives within the company electronically.

7. Consistency

You need to determine what is sustainable for your business in order to implement and support the guidelines and best practices that you continuously implement.

Managers in your company need to come together to create effective processes based on experience and feedback. Once the framework is in place, clearly communicate expectations for the new business model and show employees how to access support and guidance when needed.

If you take these steps now, your employees can focus on your company's goals and encourage collaboration and creativity in the face of new challenges.


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