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7 Pieces Of Advice For My 20-Year-Old Self

If you’re Young then this article is for you!

By ASAD EDUCATEPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
7 Pieces Of Advice For My 20-Year-Old Self
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

In today’s Guide, I share with you 7 Pieces of Advice for young generations. That means if you’re young then go ahead and follow these tips.

So, the one advantage you have right now is your Age. This is the only thing you can't buy with Money you have time to do something you want, and this time every mistake you made is an opportunity for you to learn something great from your own mistakes.

Now let’s dive into the advice I wanted to give you in this article!

1. Set a vision for your life.

2. Choose something that likes to want.

3. Start an online business and this is important for your whole remaining life.

4. Don’t waste your income on useless activities.

5. Read self-improvement-related books every month

6.Accepts and solve your own challenge

7. Develop good character.

And the bonus advice I want to give you is a belief in yourself. Hopefully, you like this short story, and thanks for reading!

This is How Much Money I Have Made With Amazon.

Amazon income report from July 1 to July 31.

As you know that Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces where people all over the world like to shop each and every single day.

Because people think that it is better than offline. You can order anything you want within 10 mint or less.

Why did people like to shop on Amazon?

It has a fast shipping process.

30 days money back guarantee.

Best and quality products.

It has more security options as compared to the other marketplace.

On the other side amazon also gives you an opportunity to make money from them yes.

There are different ways available you can start a business on Amazon with investment or without investment.

Here are some ways.

Be an Amazon seller

2. Be an Amazon kindle publisher

3. Be an Amazon affiliate.

Choose whatever business you want but personally, I like to work as an affiliate without creating or listing products simply promote other people's products and make a commission.

This is What I Earned 💰 on Medium in My 12 Months

I want to share with you everything about my 12 months such as views, reads, followers and earnings stats, etc.

I know most users don’t like to read this type of article, Where a writer shares their Medium journey But I personally like to write and read these kinds of stories each time.

So today I am back with another story where I explain everything on Medium. As I already tell you that I started my journey with Medium in Aug 2021 without any advanced knowledge or experience.

By the way, This is the only Platfroims that welcome every writer to write anything and everything they know and get paid.

Now let’s discussed the Medium earning reports: Also check out my Previous Months report if you like to read it for motivational and educational purposes.

In July 2022 I published 39 stories and mostly the stories are self-published which means this month I never write for Publications.

Yes, $59.54 cents. How many Followers and Views I have received this July Month are given below:

Remember, Quality matters a lot on Medium. I know I’m not a good English writer but still going to improve day by day. For making more money on Medium then you need to write more valuable content that engages more and more readers.


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