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How to Write a Killer Sales Page to Move PLR Products Access Here

Once you’ve chosen a PLR product and you have the rights to start editing it and selling it, the next thing you need to do is to consider how you’re going to promote it and convince people to part with their cash.

There are many potential answers to this but one of the most important things to consider is the sales page. The sales page is the page on which you’ll be trying to convince visitors to part with their cash and with the right design and phrasing, you can get people who were maybe on the fence to change their minds. Here are some tips to help you do that with the perfect sales script…

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Grab Attention

The first thing to realize is that people are in a hurry most of the time. Chances are that they landed on your site by accident and probably want to leave quickly so they can get on with their daily activities. Your job is to convince them to stick around just a bit longer and the best way to do that, is to grab their attention with a strong opening.

One of the best options here is to use a narrative structure. Make it a story because people naturally want to listen to stories through to the end and because stories are great for inspiring emotion.

Make it Skimmable

People are intimidated by large blocks of text and especially because – as we just saw – they tend to be in a hurry. It’s your job then to make sure your content is easily skimmable with lots of headings and lots of nicely spaced out paragraphs.

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Focus on the Value Proposition

Most important of all is to ensure that you are focussing on the ‘value proposition’. This is the way in which your product can provide value and this should involve some kind of tangible improvement to the customer’s life. For example, maybe your product is going to make them more confident, help them to feel better in the morning when they wake up and potentially have more success with the ladies/men. If you’re selling an ebook on fitness, then that is what you want to focus your text on, not the number of pages you’re offering!

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Make Them Buy

Finally, make sure that your customers aren’t going to leave to ‘think on’. Chances are that they’re not going to come back. Instead, introduce a limited time offer or make up something about limited stock. Doing this will add ‘time pressure’ and that will make them want to act quickly.

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How to Use PLR Products With a Squeeze Page

If you are trying to sell a PLR product, then you will need to create a high quality sales page that will help you to demonstrate all the good qualities of that product while encouraging your audience to make a quick impulse purchase.

But this is only one type of ‘page’ you’ll be using to sell your items and to build your leads. Just as important is a ‘squeeze’ page. This is a page that you’ll use to convince people to sign up to a mailing list and it’s highly important because from there, you will then be able to get them to buy from you over the course of several emails.

And in order to create a successful squeeze page, chances are you’ll be using another type of PLR product – called a ‘free report’ or an ‘incentive’.

How it Works

The general idea is simple: by giving away a free PDF that contains information that your audience wants, you will encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. They sign up, you send the report and hopefully, they then enjoy what they’ve read and make a note that they will want to read more of what you have to say in future.

From there, you then provide more value through messages and eventually you offer your real paid product that they can buy off you for full price.

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How to Get it Right

What’s important though is that you word your squeeze page correctly and use the right kind of incentive. The big risk here is that you encourage people to sign up only because they want something free. From there, they then might unsubscribe or alternatively just never read another email from you.

One way to get around this is to make the incentive something relatively small and to emphasize how much better the full product is. Another tip is to make the freebie in some way incomplete so that if they enjoy that offer, they’ll then be keen to get the full thing. A good way of doing this is to make your incentive the first chapter of a larger book, or perhaps one tip of 27. Always leave them wanting more.

And finally, make sure that the emails themselves are also providing value. This way, your audience will be keen to keep opening them even after they’ve collected their free offer.

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4 Tricks to Help You Improve Your PLR Reselling Business

Selling PLR products is one of the very simplest businesses there is to get started with. You are simply buying a product and then selling it on to a large audience and best of all is that a lot of the marketing material you’ll use is already made for you! This is a ‘copy and paste’ business model and it’s almost fool proof!

But while that’s true, it’s also true that there are lots of things you can do to make your business more successful and to increase sales. In this guide, we’ll look at four powerful methods you can use to do that and to start selling more items.

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Sell a Physical Copy

Did you know that sites like LuLu and Amazon’s Self Publishing platform allow you to turn digital books into real hard-copy books? These sites use something called ‘PoD’ which stands for ‘Print On Demand’. That means that copies are made only when books are ordered, in turn meaning you won’t cost yourself anything if you don’t make sales. But being able to offer a physical version of your book will help it appeal to more people and it will be useful for your marketing.

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Make a Video

You can sell your books through a sales page or through email marketing, but why not take it one step further by making a video? Videos are fantastic for conveying emotion as well as for grabbing attention and if you add a video that autoplays at the top of your sales page, then you’ll find that a lot more people stick around for longer.

Add a Special Offer

Special offers are great for encouraging more sales and especially for convincing people who otherwise might have missed the boat to change their mind and make a purchase. Consider offering a two-for-one package, or giving money off for a limited time only.

Offer a Money Back Guarantee

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have when getting your visitors to turn into customers is getting them to take the leap to buy for the first time. To do this, you need to overcome their fear of risk among other things. One way to do that is to offer a money-back guarantee. You might be worried that everyone will start returning their products as a result but don’t worry – people don’t tend to take advantage of these offers and anyway, you won’t lose anything if they do!

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5 Ways to Customize a Private Label Ebook to Make it Your Own

One of the best things about a PLR ebook is the way that it allows you to make changes and edits to your heart’s content. To all extents and purposes, this is now your creation and it’s up to you what you want to do with it.

So, the only question that remains is… what do you want to do with it?

Give it a New Title

Changing the title of your ebook is a good way to prevent people from seeing the same product being marketed over and over again on different sites. At the same time, changing the title of an ebook can subtly change the way that readers will interpret the content within. You can that way slightly alter the target demographic, or subtle alter the way that readers will interpret the book.

Reword the Content

Changing the title will change the way that people interpret your content slightly. Changing the content itself though will of course have a much bigger impact. This way you can change the voice to better suit your own, you can add or remove sections, you can alter conclusions… you could even throw in a few affiliate links or plugs for your other products.

Add More Content

A simple way to add more value to an ebook you’re selling is simply to write a few more pages, or even to add more content from another PLR product you own. Why not combine several into one ‘mega’ book?

Get the Cover Redesigned

One step further than changing the title of your ebook is to change the cover entirely. You should find this is relatively simple to do, as most PLR product sellers will include Photoshop files for you to edit as you please. Otherwise, you could always outsource this process to someone from Fiverr and have it redesigned from the ground up.

Add Your Branding

One big reason to redesign the cover in the first place, is so that you can create better synergy with the rest of your branding. The aim here is to create a single cohesive design and message that will run through all of your different products and services. This helps people to better understand what your brand is all about and will build the kind of trust you need to make sure they want to buy subsequent products that you sell as well. It’s always important to think about the long game!

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How to Become a Big Blogger With All the Trust and Influence You Need to Sell PLR Products

The most important thing you can do to sell more PLR copies will happen long before you actually start making sales. It’s the legwork that you do prior to trying to convince someone to buy that will ultimately determine the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase and that means building trust and authority as an important thought leader in your niche.

In other words, if you already have a huge number of fans who love the work you do and who hang off your every word, then you’ll find it much easier to get them to buy from you in the future.

So how can you get to that point? Here are some important pointers to help guide the way…

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Choose a Niche That You’re Passionate About

The first thing you need to do to start building trust and influence, is to pick a niche that you’re absolutely passionate about and that you truly love. This is really important because it is what is going to help you to demonstrate your knowledge. If you pick something you have no interest in, then not only is it going to come across in your lack of true enthusiasm, but you’ll also struggle to bring anything genuinely new or useful to the subject.

Deliver High Quality

From there, you need to ensure that you are delivering consistent quality. Whether you write blog posts or make YouTube videos, your job is to ensure that every single thing that people read from you is truly interesting and engaging. That way, you will set a precedent for yourself so that the assumption will be that all your future work will be as high quality.

Let Them Get to Know You

You don’t have to have a personal brand in order to build trust but it certainly will help. Let your audience feel as though they’re getting to know you and you’ll find that they are more likely consider you almost as a friend. And we trust our friends! Social media is great for this.

Invest in Production Values

Thinking of making your own logo in MS Paint? Think again! A highly polished website with professional looking videos will be much more likely to inspire sales versus something that looks like it was cobbled together in your Mum’s basement. Invest in yourself with some high quality production.

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10 Ways to Re-Purpose Private Label Content

Private Label Rights refers to a type of license that you can purchase along with a product that will give you the right to sell a product with no limitations. This often refers to digital products and allows you to buy something like an ebook or an online course and then sell it on to others.

But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that you can also edit a PLR product to your heart’s content, thereby helping it to better fit your branding and your message, or altering it to add value.

What this also means is that you’re free to re-use the content in other ways too. For example:

Access Here

Make a Video

You can create a slideshow using the content from an ebook, or you can read it out and thereby ‘perform’ said content.

Make a Podcast

Likewise, you can perform the content without any visuals to accompany it and that way make an audio book or a series of podcast episodes.

Make a Larger Book/Package

Want to offer even more value than you already are? Then how about combining content from multiple Ebooks into an ultimate package of some sort. This way, you can give someone a truly comprehensive experience that will be worth more than the asking price of each book individually.

Make Multiple Shorter Ebooks

A clever way to charge more for your ebooks is potentially to separate them into multiple shorter books. This way you can create a series, with each one encouraging your visitors to read the rest.

Make a Short Report

A report is normally a short PDF that provides information on a particular topic or subject matter. If you can take a single chapter from your book or a forward, then this can be used as an incentive to collect more downloads.

Make a Member’s Site

Or why not take your ebook entirely apart and seal it behind a pay-wall? This way, you can sell access to a repository of information.

Make a Real Book

Using Lulu or Amazon, you can self-publish your ebook and start selling it as a real, hard-copy tome!

Make a Kindle Book

Or how about uploading it to Kindle and selling it through the Kindle store?

Access Here

Make Emails

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful form of marketing and by breaking your ebook down into chapters, it will lend itself perfectly to becoming an ezine.

Make an App

If you’re feeling really ambitious, then you could even turn your ebook into an app!

Materials to Look for When You Buy a PLR Package

A PLR package normally includes an ebook or digital product that you are allowed to resell to other buyers, along with various other ‘extras’ that will help make that easier. These extras are essentially marketing materials that you can use to promote your product, add value and encourage more ‘conversions’. It’s extra value for you and if everything goes to plan, it will increase your turnover while reducing the amount of work you need to do to encourage sales.

So, what kinds of extras can you expect to find included when buying PLR products? Just a few examples include:

Sales Pages

A sales page is a page designed entirely to help you sell a product. This is a page for a website that has no other purpose than to guide new visitors to the action button (the ‘buy now’ button) and thereby help you to make a sale.

This singular aim means that the page will be designed with no external links and all the content will be written specifically to encourage people to want to buy from you. It’s a very powerful tool and a great freebie to have in place.

Mind Map

A mind map is just one example of a free gift you can offer along with your ebook. This is a quick visual reference that your buyers can use to recap on everything they learned in the book.

Resource Sheet

Similarly, a resource sheet will normally show people where they can find further reading or tools related to your topic. If you’re an affiliate for any products, this is a great place to sneak in a few URLs!

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be used to create your own blog or alternatively they can be given away to other bloggers to use as ‘guest posts’. Include a link back to your page and that’s some easy marketing for you!

Email Content

Likewise, it’s common to find that you get ready-made email campaigns including the email bodies and the subject lines. All you need to do is enter these into an autoresponder in order to start driving traffic to your sales page.

Free Report

A free report will often act like a ‘preview’ for your book. It can incentivize people to sign up to your mailing list, all while demonstrating the kind of excellent information and content they can expect if they order your full product.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a PLR Product

When you choose a PLR product you are choosing a product that you can sell in order to make money. Thus, you want to ensure that it has the potential to shift as many units as possible, so that you can maximize your turnover, revenue and profits.

More to the point though, you’re also selecting a product that is going to be representing you and your brand. This is going to be a product that you market as something you made and if it’s anything less than brilliant, then you’ll risk damaging your reputation and your brand.

With all that in mind then, read on and we’ll take a look at some of the crucial checks you need to make before settling on a PLR product.

What’s the Niche?

First, you need to ensure that the niche is something that you’re happy to associate with and that you have some basic interest/knowledge in. If it’s something that you know well, you’ll find it much easier to promote it. Better yet, if it’s a niche that you already have an audience in, then you’ll have a ready made audience you can sell it to!

Who is the Target Audience?

Once you know the niche, you can then start to ask who the target audience is. Ideally, you want an audience that is easy to reach and that is likely to be willing to spend money on PLR products!

What Extras Does it Come With?

A high quality PLR product should come with a host of free extras that can help you to sell more copies. These will traditionally include marketing materials such as a sales pages and emails you can send out but as well as that, they will also often include bonus materials such as mind maps and cheat sheets. The more extras, the more value you’re getting and the more value you can pass on to your customers.

How is it Selling Currently?

Depending on the seller, you might be able to access data regarding current sales. This will give you an idea as to how many books are being sold right now, which in turn demonstrates the kind of success that you are at least capable of having with an ebook.

Access Here

Is it Well Written?

This is one of the most important considerations of all: how the book is written. If the book is written in pidgin English, then you’ll damage your brand and upset your customers if you sell it at full price.

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