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6 Tips for Making your Office more Eco-friendly

The idea of making an office space sustainable and eco-friendly has gained immense popularity, particularly in the last few years. People have gradually acknowledged that reducing the environmental impact of business can not only improve sustainability but also help organizations in achieving their long-term goals.

By Rea SetiaPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
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Even the leading sustainable design architects in India assert that deciding on eco-friendly approaches can increase business efficiency and benefit equally well in terms of significant cost reductions. For instance, a report by The New Climate Economy claims that we can save almost $26 trillion by 2030 if we start living sustainably.

The top office architects in India believe that simple and small changes can make big impacts. Thus, office authorities should decide on making some significant modifications for making their offices more sustainable and eco-friendly. They should encourage energy efficiency as a priority and sustainability as the way of life.

Here are some simple and easy tips that can make your office space more eco-friendly:

1. Make good use of natural light

Sunlight is the best light available to humans. The leading office architects in Delhi assert that maximising natural light in an office space not only minimizes the use of artificial lights and electricity but also comprehends the mood and behaviour of the employees. A study further claims that exposure to natural light keeps the employees more active, alert, and motivated. It also increases their productivity levels that eventually benefits the business. Thus, office authorities should aim at maximum utilization of natural light for illuminating the office areas. For instance, increasing the size and number of windows is the simplest and easiest way of increasing illumination by natural light in an office space.

2. Install LED lights

Maximising natural light doesn’t mean that an office space should refrain from investing on artificial lighting systems. Sunlight is only available for a limited period of time and offices require appropriate lighting after the sun sets. As per the top office architects in Bangalore, people should decide on LED lighting appliances for all their (artificial) illumination needs. They are sustainable, efficient, and the most eco-friendly lights available in the market. Moreover, they have a longer life compared to any other traditional lights and consume the lowest amount of electricity.

3. Decide on energy efficient appliances

Always use BEE labelled appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, etc. If possible, use high-star rated appliances as they consume less electricity. Moreover, it is always better to buy branded and new products only. You should also replace personal computers with laptops as they consume lesser energy and generate lesser heat.

4. Use environment-friendly products

Try to increase the utilization of natural products in your operations. Avoid using plastic products and rather use products that are made from other environment-friendly material. For instance, you should replace single use plastic bags with jute bags as they are reusable and strong.

5. Place indoor plants

Indoor plants not only help in improving the aesthetics of office spaces but also provide multiple health benefits. The leading office architects in Mumbai assert that placing indoor plants helps in purifying the air and making the place livelier. It keeps negative emotions at bay and makes the employees happier and more productive. Bonsais, rubber tree, Aloe Vera, snake plants, etc. are some of the best options you can choose from.

6. Use recycled products

Using recycled products is one of the most eco-friendly approaches you can adopt. Every office space needs supplies like tissue papers and notebooks. You should go with products that are made from recycling waste material.

Lastly, it is important that you encourage your employees to adhere to eco-friendly and sustainable behaviour inside the office space. Make rules that limit wastage of electricity and resources as employees play a major role in decreasing the overall electricity consumption.

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