6 Benefits of Using Water Jet Cutting

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6 Benefits of Using Water Jet Cutting

The process of water jet cutting is an innovation after convenience. There is no smoother flexibility than that offered by water jet cutting. Not only does it have a wide array of applications but guarantees to cut out varied shapes from any object or material. It has superior edge quality and exclusive edge quality. You can almost imagine any type of cut using a water jet cutting machine. You can expect curvy cuts, internal holes and straight cuts all in a fraction of a second.

The functioning of a water jet cutting machine is very simple to understand. It uses either supersonic water (water at supersonic speed) or water mixed with an abrasive to cut through material. First there is the generation of streams of water under ultrahigh pressure leading up to about 94000 psi. A tiny jewel sized orifice at the end of the hose adds velocity to the stream making it as thin as human hair. To increase the cutting strength of the water garnet is added. The mixture of water and garnet at that pressure has unlimited cutting capabilities. The water jet cutting machine two forms of water pressure options. The Pure water jet is meant for soft material like gasket, foam, plastic and paper while the abrasive water jet is meant for harder materials like metal, stone or ceramic.

Following Are Some of the Benefits of Using Water Jet Cutting:

1. Superb Cutting Edge Quality: Water jet is known for its smooth and uniform cutting edge which is completely burr free. This smooth functioning and sharp edge is a result of high speeds, pressure, and the size of the nozzle and the flow rate of the abrasive. In many ways, water jets also reduce the cost as the edges of the cut are already quite smooth from the water jet cutting.

2. Cost Effective and High Efficiency: The water jet cutting machine is designed for precise results. By far it is the ultimate cutting tool and is capable of handling any application. It is designed for smoothly cutting through heavily thick materials including hardened steel, aluminum, multi layered materials and composites. A water jet cutting machine is meant for those who are looking for extremely smooth cutting capability without any added edge requirements.

3. Precision in Internal Cutting: The water jet cutting machine produces cuts at an accuracy of micro inches. It is so versatile piece of cutting equipment that is popular in global markets. It is perfectly designed for jobs requiring intricate designing and high tolerance.

4. Shapes Limited by Imagination: The cutting needle made of high pressurized water mixed with abrasive can cut through any thick object imaginable. This list includes bonded materials like composite panels, aluminum and rubber lined plates. You cut out any shape imaginable from virtually any material.

5. No Heat Damages: You can avoid all problems related to heat distortion or hardened edges with the help of a water jet cutter. This is most appropriately used with products that require metal fabrication or additional machine finishing later. Steel workers who are skilled with metal fabrication mostly require accuracy in fittings which is not always possible through distorted cuttings. A cutting process based on heat will also cause a molecular change to the material. This is avoided by using water jet cutting.

6. No Changes Required: The profitability and smoothness of operations is increased by the performance of the water jet. A water jet does not require any changes to its tools. You can simply adjust the speed of the water to achieve different levels of cutting.

Those were the 6 benefits of using water jet cutting in your business. If you enjoy the engineering of miniature products and require high tech cutting capacity this is a great investment.

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Zoe Sewell
Zoe Sewell
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