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$50 Vocal Media Bonus

I'm super excited. Why? Because today I've received a $50 Vocal Media Bonus!

By ASAD EDUCATEPublished about a year ago 4 min read
$50 Vocal Media Bonus
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There are so many platforms available on the internet where you can easily make money online just by writing an article But two are my favorite which is called Medium and Vocal media.

I'm a writer on Medium since Feb 2021 but I joined vocal media in Nov 2021 almost 10 months later than compared to Medium.

No doubt, Medium is more powerful as compared to Vocal media. Medium is a passive income source and people are making thousands of dollars each and every single month just by writing stories. on the other side if you want to find the best part-time job then Vocal media is for you.

Now let's started,

Here is the proof of my $50 VOCAL Bouns…

screenshot by authors

screenshot by authors

Are you financially secure? If not here’s the guide

One of the best and easiest ways to become financially secure within the next 6 months.

I have a question that Are you financially secure? Now let’s start with simple and easy definitions if you don’t know before.

Being financially secure means you have no longer worried about Money.

If you’re worried about money that means you are financially unsecure and you’re the only one who’s responsible.

But this is 2022 and almost everything has been changed so start with your own business. there is so many business available on the internet that allows you to become financially secure and live a beautiful life.

Now let’s talk about the easiest and fastest ways to become financially secure within the next 6 months.

So blogging is the only business model that can change your life forever. Don’t worry here is the live example proof.

Adam enfroy start their blogging career back in 2019 and now making $1 half Million every single month with a blog.

Today I’m super happy on Medium

Why? here is the reason.

Yes, trust me as a writer, and reader first time I’m very happy on Medium. Why? why I’m so happy on Medium wait here is the reason behind the happiness.

Keep reading!

Basically, I’m super happy because the first-time Medium sent my payment into my stripe account on the date first which means July 1 when I need money urgently. otherwise, all of my previous payments Medium send to me sometimes date 5, 7.

Here is the proof:

screenshot by authors

Disclaimer: I shared with you the Medium partner program earnings proof just for motivational and educational purposes only.

Anyway, Thank you Medium, Also thank you so much for reading my stories, and following me because without you I’m nothing.

But now I'm going to write more and more helpful stories on Medium. Why I really like to meet with new people, in the shape of writers,s especially on Medium.

And also trust me, Medium is also a great place for those people who want to increase their level of English language from basic, to intermediate to advanced.

How Much Money I have Made in the Month JUN

Medium earning proof in the month of JUN Plus my future plan on Medium.

First of all, The great thing I personally like about Medium is that it’s an ad-free platform which means feels very easy you don’t get distracted by advertising popping up here on Medium.

On Medium revenue comes from users’ membership fees here is a short guide about the Medium Membership Program.

If you want to get unlimited access or want to get unlimited reads to Medium content then you need to pay $5 a month or $50 per year with the help of Paypal and a credit card.

And every time when a member read your content, your stories on Medium then you will get a small percentage of their membership fees according to the reading time. trust me I love it which is an amazing method for helping other writers.

Now let’s go to the main part of the story because I know why you are here? Because you want to know about how much money I have made on Medium in the month of JUN 2022.

The screenshot below of my Medium earnings in the Month of JUN…

screenshot by authors

Now here is my Future Plan on Medium….

I want to add two more niches like Health and Self improvement.

consistent content which means At least one story each day.

Hopefully, you like it Thanks for reading.


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  • Bhagirath Roy12 months ago

    Bro i published 50+ articles on vocal but almost 4 has been completed but $50 bonus not received

  • Denise Larkinabout a year ago

    I write on Medium too. Thanks for the info.

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