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5 Tips To Increase Traffic Through Blogs

by Alex Standall about a year ago in how to

If you want your target readers to visit your blog and read what you have to say or tell then choosing the right topic is very important.

5 Tips To Increase Traffic Through Blogs
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Most business prefers an in-house content marketing team to increase their sales and conversions. A big part of their content plan includes blogs spread throughout the month. You know why?

It’s because blogs can drive major traffic for any brand or business.

Given below are a few tips coming from experts that explain the process of increasing traffic through blogs:

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Choose Topics That Your Audience Wants To Read

If you want your target readers to visit your blog and read what you have to say or tell then choosing the right topic is very important. For instance, if you have a fashion blog or brand talk about the latest trends, style, celebrity wardrobes, etc. Your target readers would love to know about it and therefore will click on your blog or become a regular visitor. There are a bunch of online tools that can help you decide a topic as per current trends such as Google Trends, SEMrush, BuzzSumo, etc.

Use Relevant Keywords in Blogs

The best way to get traffic on your website/online platform through blogs is to include user query in your content. This way any time a user searches for a particular topic or an article they can land on your blog content. Searching relevant keywords and key phrases is easy these days as you can use several tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere, etc. You can go for low competition high search volume keywords. This will attract insane traffic.

Sell Stories Through Blog Content

Writing generic content will only bore the user. What you need to get traffic is a story or an experience that influences. Imagine you are telling the readers in your fashion blog how styling happened in the early ’70s and ’80s and compare it with today with respect to your beliefs. What you think will the outcome be? Your readers would be very much interested to know and in fact, might engage. You can add a controversy or tell unique facts that most people aren’t aware of. This way more users will be intrigued.

Choose An Extraordinary Blog Title

There is a difference between choosing a topic and writing a title. A topic selection includes a decision as to which subject you wish to cover. A title on the other hand brings out the marketing or influencing angle. Titles can include fear, suspense, wittiness, etc. The more unique the title, the more the traffic.

Add a visual appeal

Your blogs need to be effortless and visually appealing. Effortless means when a reader can follow everything you say without looking up for meaning or reference. Also, blogs with no images, info graphs, charts, or any kind of media will put the user off. Thus, you must work on improving the aesthetics of the blog.


Blogs can be a great medium to drive traffic therefore you must take it seriously. Most marketers include blogs in their content marketing strategies to persuade their audience into buying their product or service. Thus, you can include it too for your brand or outsource blog writing services to professionals like We are a successful content writing agency that can cater to any kind of blog content in a specified timeline.

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