5 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Fired

How not to behave after losing your job.

5 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Fired

Getting fired can inspire some pretty unpleasant feelings, you might feel wronged or betrayed or that your superiors simply made the wrong decision. But no matter how you might feel, you need to deal with what has happened, and there are ways you should do that and ways you should definitely not.

Under no circumstances should you:

Steal Stuff

Everyone has "borrowed" small stuff from work like pens and paperclips etc, but I am talking about big stuff. For some reason people think that once they have been fired, then it is okay to steal a computer monitor or a comfortable chair. You might feel as though you are owed something, but this is still company property that you are taking without permission and doing so could potentially land you in jail or at least with a really bad reference. Employers are now really cracking down on employee theft as they are losing so much money from it, so the chances of you being prosecuted are fairly high right now.

Get Physical

Another thing that could mean you end up in jail is to fight; it happens more often than you think. Heated words are exchanged and one thing can lead to another, try to keep your temper under control and if someone tries to fight with you, walk away. If you don't, you could end up with a criminal record which will make finding a job so much harder in the future. Keep your hands to yourself and your dignity intact.

Badmouth the Company on Social Media

As much as you might like to tell the world what a terrible boss and horrible company you used to work for, don't. This does not look good, and even though you might think that you are doing the world a favor by warning them about the company, all it looks like is a disgruntled former employee with no class and an axe to grind. If any potential new employers see this, it will not reflect well on you at all. Keep everything professional, let people know you have lost your job by all means, but don't go into too much detail, it won't look good and it is also nobody else's business.

Go Into Meltdown

Give yourself some time to deal with the fact that you have been fired, after all it can be a huge shock to the system. But don't let yourself wallow in a pit of despair, you might feel like doing that but it is not going to pay your bills is it? Try to get back on top of things as soon as you can. If you feel like you are struggling to cope with what has happened then I would recommend that you seek medical attention. Do this sooner rather than later as the sooner you see someone, the sooner they can help you start to manage your emotions a little bit better.

Seek Revenge

It can be tempting, we have all thought about getting revenge on someone when we feel as though they have wronged us. But don't, it won't make you feel any better and everyone will know it was you. Think about it, who are they going to look to first? Fired employees will always be at the top of the list! So don't do anything stupid as you will NOT get away with it.

Getting fired sucks, but like it or not you have to deal with it gracefully and professionally for the sake of your future career. Doing any of these things could make getting a job so much harder in the future.

Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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