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5 Major Benefits of Welcome Gifts For New Employees

by Srikanth Acharya about a year ago in business
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5 Major Benefits of Welcome Gifts For New Employees
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Your employees' first day at work is one of the most anticipated days in their life. It comes with a lot of expectations. However, most employers and companies tend to overlook this occasion. They move on with the basic onboarding process, losing the opportunity to create a positive first impression on their new employees.

88% of employees agree that organizations showcase underwhelming effort during the onboarding process.

A warm welcome can psychologically impact an employee and make them feel accounted for. This leads to an increase in productivity from their end. Fostering a welcoming environment also helps retain talented professionals. This helps companies cut down costs that would otherwise be directed towards hiring and training new employees. Not to mention, 75% of companies struggle with filling a vacancy with the right employee.

Therefore, companies need to be mindful of how they make their employees feel welcome and valued to maximize their potential and retain them in this era of job-hopping.

Just as well, Welcome Kits for recruits can prove to be extremely handy in such situations.

What is a Welcome Kit?

A new employee welcome kit is a package consisting of an assortment of items that a new employee might find helpful on the job. Technically, that would mean office supplies, travel accessories, and so on.

However, with the evolution of corporate company ethics, the definition of a welcome package has changed. In today's job sector, welcome packages are an indirect manifestation of a company’s market position and their reputation of how they treat their employees. Therefore, Welcome Kits may also include various products, from branded tech sets, wellness products, healthy snacking goodies, classy apparel, headphones, sippers, and what-not.

Typically a trendy and stylish welcome package in 2021 consists of:

  • A letter from the company welcoming the new employee
  • Office essentials like coffee mugs, notebooks, pens and other office supplies
  • Water bottles or sippers with company marks.
  • T-shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, etc. with the company's logo
  • Blue light glasses for employees spending hours staring at the screen
  • Masks and sanitizers, considering the post-pandemic situations.
  • Edibles: dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, etc., are among the most sought-after elements of a welcome package.
  • 5 Major Benefits of Gifting New Employees With Welcome Packages

    Company welcome packages act as the stepping stone to getting to know and developing strong relationships with employees. For your employees, gifts are souvenirs which they cherish and gladly share with their friends on social media.

    The majority of market leaders have started gifting Welcome Kits as a token of support and acceptance towards the new team member. These kits imply a lot of underlying emotions which make an organization more viable for employees. Ultimately, it benefits both the parties: the company and the worker.

    Some such benefits include:

    Welcome Kits are good Ice-breakers

    Welcome Kits often serve as ice-breakers for conversations among existing employees and new hires. During the first day or week at a company, an employee understandably feels overwhelmed. They find it difficult to approach other workers and strike conversations with them. This is where the HR or manager can step in and make things easy for the new hire with the help of a welcome kit.

    For instance, an introductory conversation can start regarding the contents of the welcome package. Fun welcome gifts like company T-shirts or caps and hoodies generate conversations amongst the employees, which lead to a breathable work environment. Before they know it, your new employees will have started to interact with other group members. A stimulating conversation can provide a structure for the entire day of the employee.

    Welcome Kits represent a caring attitude

    When people join your company, it is your responsibility to make this transition smooth and easy for them. Specifically, curated Welcome Kits help in establishing a strong bond with your employees. They feel happy to be included and be a part of the family.

    Innovative welcome gifts initiate 'team bonding' - a necessity in the corporate sector. Welcome Kits for new employees in India, including daily essential office supplies, help the recruit settle immediately and deliver faster. A simple welcome card with the employees' names can showcase a personal touch, letting them know that you care.

    Welcome Kits are subtle marketing tools

    Almost all new-age companies use corporate gifts as a marketing tool. They might gift their new employees a travel bag with the company's logo imprinted on it. Employees then use the bag regularly, and people they meet during their commute frequently catch a glance of it. In this manner, it becomes a highly successful marketing strategy that attracts onlookers to the company.

    It essentially serves two purposes: welcoming a new employee and marketing the company to your target audience.

    'Word of mouth' also plays a pivotal role in retaining employees and appointing new ones. Seniors and acquaintances who have experienced warm, welcoming gestures contribute to the hiring process, ultimately bringing in fresh talent.

    As it happens, the work environment becomes a deciding factor for freshers who find it difficult to choose between offers from different companies offering similar compensation. A company that gives freshers hoodies and sippers as welcome gifts sends a far more approachable vibe than a company that does not.

    Welcome Kits provide satisfaction and comfort

    We have often heard the saying, "first impression is the last impression.” Companies cannot survive unless their employees complete assigned tasks within the stipulated time. This requires a peacefully focused mind and a sense of bonding with the company.

    So, it is essential to impress them and ensure warmth from the company's side. Statistical surveys prove that welcome packages invoke a sense of belonging and develop an optimistic mindset towards the organization in the employees' minds.

    When an employee opens his welcome kit to find a pair of blue-lens spectacles, it conveys that the company cares for his well-being. This induces a sense of comfort in him.

    Welcome Kits are motivators

    Everyone needs motivation to achieve their goals. When a newly hired person joins your company, it is the responsibility of the managers and HR to motivate them. Welcome Kits act as a source of preliminary motivation for employees to blend in, interact with the existing members of the company, and work to their full potential.

    Suppose a newly recruited employee receives technical gadgets as a welcome gift. In that case, his mindset will automatically be to work efficiently and effectively for the company, because he has located a source of motivation in corporate gifts.

    Over the years, companies have noticed that individuals tend to deliver more when an incentive is on the line. Just as well, corporate gifts are essential tools of motivation for employees all over the world.

    Stand Out With Corporate Gifts!

    Over the last few years, the corporate gifting culture has witnessed a rapid rise, primarily because it affects employees’ psychological and emotional attachment to their company.

    Not just for welcome kits but companies have started focusing on ocasional gifts including the corporate Diwali gifts that help build a sense of connection throughout the organization.

    In an ecosystem where a person works for 10 hours a day (on average), these small gestures from managers go a long way in providing motivation. Welcome gifts pave the way for other small tokens of appreciation, which cumulatively project the company’s caring and loving attitude.

    With more and more multinational companies implementing the same strategy, your company must do something extraordinary to stand out. You can achieve the same by brainstorming new ideas and unique ways to greet workers.


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