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5 Commercial Solar Lead Generation Tips for Getting Solar Leads

by Robert Gitau 11 months ago in business

It takes more than email blasts, billboards, and paid social media ads to generate commercial solar leads. Everyone is doing that, after all.

As the demand for solar energy continues to expand, solar installation companies have to rethink their lead generation strategies if they are to grow their revenue with the growing demand.

It takes more than email blasts, billboards, and paid social media ads to generate commercial solar leads. Everyone is doing that, after all. To rise above the competition, you need to present your services in a manner that convinces solar energy leads that you have the will, expertise, and experience to fulfill their solar energy needs, without blowing their energy budget.

Here are 5 tips on how to generate quality solar leads.

1. Find decision makers’ email address

The key to successful solar lead generation is reaching the senior executives of a company in good time, earlier than any of your competitors, and convincing them to buy your services. Senior executives are the people who influence/can influence buying decisions in a company.

However, there are many gate keepers that stand between you and decision makers. There is only one way to bypass these gate keepers: Acquiring contact information/direct communication lines of key executives and selling your services directly to them. That is where list building automation software comes in handy. You can rely on software such as to get contact information of decision makers in the leads you are pursuing.

2. Articulate value proposition

A substantive, compelling value proposition is invaluable for any solar installation company that seeks to position itself as the to-go-to solution for a target market’s solar installation problems. Your value proposition should convince your target market that you understand their needs more than any other service provider, that your solutions are unique and tailor-made for each client, and that there are many more benefits your target buyer gets from working with you. The proposition should be simple and to the point.

If you don’t have a value proposition yet, create one around the following questions:

• Which loopholes does your company intend to fix within the current market?

• How will you be fixing those loopholes?

• Which principles will guide you through the process?

• After fixing the loopholes, how will the target buyer’s future improve?

3. Have a strong Call to Action (CTA)

A strong CTA should tell your target buyer what they need to do to benefit from your services. It should convince online users to come to your website or landing page ASAP! Simple examples of strong call to action include: “How does tomorrow at 2pm sound?” or “Call us now to unlock your 20% offer” Etc.

Here is how to craft a strong CTA for your solar installation ads, both online and offline:

• Focus on provoking enthusiasm and emotion from your target audience. A thrilling CTA like “Make the smartest energy choice today!” speaks to the hearts of environmentalists and clean energy enthusiasts, making them want to buy your services immediately.

• Use simple, clear, and concise words, e.g. “contact us anytime for your free solar estimate today!”

• Be creative and fresh.

4. Automated booking calendar

An automated booking calendar analyzes your and your client’s schedule, automatically synchronizes your calendars, and generates the most appropriate time to book appointments. A good calendar management tool, e.g. Schedule Once or Calendly, considers users’ time zones before settling on an appointment schedule. It also sends you regular alerts and reminders.

5. Follow up

Following up on existing/former clients is as important as finding new customers. An existing client is not only highly likely to hire your services again but also to market your services to new customers through referrals and positive reviews. How do you make follow ups after closing a deal?

• Send a thank you note card alongside your invoice or send an appreciation email. Use this chance to remind the client that you are open to doing business with them again.

• Check in with them after a month or two to ask how satisfied they are with your services, or if they have any technical questions. You can offer to help with any emerging technical issues, but be careful not to overreach your usefulness.

• Ask them to for referrals and positive online reviews.

Do you need help with solar leads generation? Allow us to help. We are commercial solar lead gen experts with a strong reputation of credibility, lead generation excellence, and unbeatable affordability. Hire Us!


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