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4 Ways to Improve Your Startup's Productivity

by Nishant Baxi 3 months ago in advice

Improve Your Startup's Productivity

Running a profitable startup has proven to be a challenge bigger than you had expected?

There are still a few customers and you have to make sure that each of them is satisfied with their final product. The team is also unmotivated and unorganized, with plenty of miscommunication that can lead to violations of deadlines. There's something wrong and you've got to get on top of that-ASAP!

It became obvious after a quick analysis that your small company has issues of competition-issues that can turn into major problems if nothing is done about them.

But where to begin, and what moves can you take to boost your startup's overall productivity? Okay here are five approaches that have proved effective in the past to remember.

Keep Track of Time

Many challenges are bound to emerge in the eight working hours during which you need to get stuff done – not just in front of you but also in front of your team. Time management in these cases is vitally important:

Begin the timer-break large projects into smaller, well-defined tasks at the time and concentrate on only completing one of them. Not only can you stay on top of your game but you can bill your customers more quickly.

Use time tracking software – use a to-do list or time chart that will display the total amount of time spent on each task and give you a deeper insight into the success and efficiency of your team.

Evite unwanted meetings – An average office worker spends about 31 hours a month attending unproductive meetings. Plan your day carefully, and if possible focus on keeping the standing meetings – it'll save time.

Usage of the right tools to improve efficiency

There is now an app for all: accounting, reporting, social networking, writing or project management, and customer relationships. But the dilemma is choosing which one to use.

Most scale-ups, for example, have opted for a kind of alternative to an Email.

Yes, there are plenty of options when it comes to project preparation, task delegation, customer communications, or billing, but not all of them come in one full box. There are many remote collaboration software tools out there for startups that can improve the efficiency of newly established teams through teamwork and improved internal communications, as well as greater participation in project creation.

Always Make Work Fun! When possible, let your workers develop the organizational culture – if not, try to adapt the current one to their needs. The pleasant work atmosphere will make them happier, which will result in happy employees:

Reduced employee turnover-it is important to retain a positive work atmosphere for the retention of employees. Workers who feel secure and consistently respected are more committed to their company, and therefore are less likely to leave.

Better efficiency and profitability-a company's production can be calculated based on the profitability of each person working there. When it comes to conducting their daily tasks, a dissatisfied and depressed employee would be disturbed at its best (negligent at worst). Happiness is equivalent to satisfaction and a happy worker is a successful worker.

Potential employee credibility – an enjoyable atmosphere will attract skilled employees who will produce better end-product quality. The equation is then simple: a better product is sold at higher prices, and better turnover will lead to higher growth in the financial market value of the business.

Invest in Training

Now that you've made your team happy it's time for the years to come to ensure their satisfaction. Startups initially rely on a limited number of selected workers to perform a wide array of duties. Yet later, as the company expands and develops, you'll be forced to take on new faces. You should tread carefully at this point: do not recruit too many-the the right person for the job should already be at your fingertips.

For example, You don't know anything about recruiting a Python developer, why don't you let your trusted Php developer learn Python? He'll be thankful for the opportunity, he'll be improving his skill-set, and the company's benefit, in the long run, will be added to that. Employees are more likely to continue and dedicate themselves to the company goals if they feel that they can further expand their careers within the organization.

Adapt workspace to suit your team's needs

According to research conducted by Sheffield Hallam University, ample evidence exists to suggest that comfort can affect productivity. And while 'comfort' is nearly impossible to measure or quantify, some tips can help you make the company's workspace more "engaging" for your employees:

Color all the walls – Depending on your company's structure, you may have to paint different rooms in various colors: blue for mind work, yellow for creativity, red for manual labor, green for focus – so says the color psychologist Angela Wright. And if there is any merit to Mrs. Wright's arguments, for improved efficiency, this is a very small investment.

Provide natural light – according to a study titled "Impact of Workplace Daylight Exposure on Sleep, Physical Activity, and Quality of Life", artificial light can harm office workers' sleep, activity, and quality of life. Wide windows, plenty of sunshine, and blue sky will go a long way to find inspiration.

Playrooms are the way to go-it 's stressful to work for a startup and your team will need a space to blow some steam.

Nishant Baxi
Nishant Baxi
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