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4 Things I wish I knew before I quit my job

by Andrew Munro about a year ago in advice

It is a difficult, but worthwhile road.

4 Things I wish I knew before I quit my job
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Quitting your job to be self-employed is never easy, but it is incredibly worthwhile and fulfilling. Here are 4 things I wish I knew before I quit my job.

How difficult it would be

I knew to some degree that quitting my job and starting my own venture would be difficult. I would no longer have a reliable source of income and I would be in charge of my own time which means being proactive.

If you’ve worked in an office for long enough or have been in college for as long as I have, you’re used to someone setting you tasks to do with little need for being especially proactive. Well, this was a rude awakening but thankfully not too difficult to adjust to.

The hardest part has undoubtedly been getting around “normal life” things like renting an apartment, for example. Britain does not always share the same acceptance of entrepreneurial spirit as America does unless you’re already making good money. Be prepared to be met with skepticism and disdain when you mention to people that you work for yourself.

It goes without saying you need a thick skin to go against the grain, but there are many people doing this so you will not be alone. Just keep trucking on and tune the naysayers out. They don’t matter and never will.

How scary it would be

This part ties into the difficulty of the whole affair but the difficulty isn’t that scary, it’s the uncertainty. Uncertainty from lacking a stable income and a certain future. When working in an established company you know exactly what you make each month, promotion requirements, what is expected of you, etc.

When being self-employed, those things are usually completely up to you and this can be nerve-wracking. The trick is to get comfortable setting daily and weekly goals for yourself to achieve and then holding yourself accountable.

As far as income is concerned, you may need to take a part-time job to get you through the harder months. This may be an unglamorous job for minimum wage but if that’s what you need to do then so be it. You’re working towards a higher purpose and this difficult time is only temporary.

How much happier I would be

This is probably the most important thing I wish I had realised earlier. I am so much happier working for myself and doing things I actually care about and am stimulated by. I don’t have to deal with childish office politics, bosses who care about profit margins more than their employees, or inept colleagues.

To be clear, I know not all offices/companies have the issues mentioned above but these are some that I was exposed to in the past. While many things are more difficult and uncertain for me now, I can unequivocally say that I am far happier. If I had known, I would have quit my job far sooner.

I think it’s easier to feel fulfilled and happy in your work when you can choose what you do, and it is something you enjoy and love. I would rather struggle to do something that I love and that stimulates me than do a job I don’t like for people who don’t care about me.

Time marches on regardless

This one stuck with me quite profoundly when I thought about it recently. Time continues despite everything. Whether you are doing something you hate or love, time will still go on and that is time you will never get back. So why not spend it on things you love doing and build a legacy you can really be proud of?

More people will find happiness and fulfillment if they momentarily let go of their comfort for long enough to build the job of their dreams. We are too afraid to let go of what we have, even if it means greater rewards in the future.

Those who have the courage to do this will be the ones who reap the greatest rewards from life. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the richest or most powerful, but they will be the happiest with the highest levels of fulfillment.

Take action!

Now is the time to take the action needed to change your life to the way you want it. Does this mean you need to quit your job today? No, not necessarily. If you can afford it financially, then sure! If not, start small in your spare time and build your passion over time into a full-time job.

Thanks for joining me here today. I sincerely hope you create a life that excites and enthralls you.


Andrew Munro

I am an MBA student trying to wrap my head around the world of finance! I have a doctorate degree in music and have worked as a body transformation specialist. I am committed to helping others make money, be in shape, and live their dream!

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Andrew Munro
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