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4 reasons to why investing in real estate is the best idea in current pandemic situation

Thinking of investing in the real estate market but don’t know if it's worth it?

By ShubhangiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Read this blog till the end as we will bring you some key advantages of making an investment into the real estate markets.

One of the best things about real estate that if you do it in the right way, you will eventually end up being successful in the industry. Real estate is considered as the most promising careers that never fade away; you can still earn money at the age of retirement that ultimately means you don’t have to depend on anyone.

As the current pandemic situation has made everyone struggle for their livelihoods, people are looking for better ways to invest their money.

Even though the traditional investment portfolios like shares, debentures, and mutual funds are still in place, people are not finding them trustworthy given to the crisis situation around.

This is where the Real estate has emerged as a potential opportunity for every investor around to grab the best returns on their investment.

Njock Ajuk Eyong, who has established himself as one of the most talked-about real estate experts around, further talks about the significance of an investment in real estate in the current pandemic situation .

1. Greater returns

Real estate is one sector that always guarantees the best returns to your investment. Although the current pandemic situation may not guarantee you a huge amount in return, it will still not put you at loss by any means either.

When it comes to becoming a real estate developer, it might feel daunting but once you start doing it and making connections in the field, success is the only thing you will get. As a real estate agent, there are plenty of questions that won’t let you sleep in the night like how you can win your clients, especially when you have zero experience? How would you generate leads with the absolute story of success in the field as a fresher?

All you need to do is just stick with your investment for a good period of time and you can certainly witness a growth in your returns over the next few years.

As per Njock Ajuk Eyong visa , property rates either get stable or increase over a certain time frame. On the other side, due to the current demand-supply curve in the wake of increasing population, the real estate market isn’t expected to go southwards in any case.

2. Greater tangible asset value

An investment in real estate brings you a higher tangible asset value in every market situation. This means that regardless of the crisis situation across the globe, you can stay assured of getting some appreciated value of your investment in the coming future.

Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer says that this is not the case with other investment options like shares, mutual funds or government securities and bonds that are highly dependent on the market situation. Although every investment is highly subjected to the market situation, real estate still has an upper hand on all the other commodities.

3. Appreciation in value

Once you buy a car or any other luxury goods, its value depreciate with every passing month or year. . However, the same is not the case with your investment in real estate. Hereby, the value of the property get appreciated within due course of time due to the demand-supply curve (when the population is larger than the available land)

Even when the time is tough, the prices would stay stable (if not increasing) and that's where you can quote your investment in the real estate market as safe by every means.

Still, before you put your money through, its always recommended researching the location and value of the surrounding properties in the era.

4. Tax benefits and exemptions

Once you put your investment in the real estate market, you can avail of the benefits out of random tax rebates and exemptions from the government. Nowadays, you can witness various schemes and discount offers on properties around you. Hence you can always take the benefit of these offers till they last.

As per Njock Ajuk Eyong africa, you cannot expect the same discounts and offers in any other investment portfolio as the market situation is really bad in the rest of the domains. Hence if you're looking to pool in your investment into a secure zone, there is no better option like real estate.


Real estate has its own pros and cons but its still offers you better returns than any other investment option, still, its always advisable to study and research about the whole mechanism and concept of real estate pricing and demand before placing your money through in this domain.


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