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4 Emerging Fundraising Trends And Ideas From Mylene Chan To Get A Head Start

by Mylene Chan about a month ago in advice
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According to Mylene Chan organizing a fundraiser is fun and challenging at the same time.

Mylene Chan | Best Fundraiser And Social Worker

According to Mylene Chan organizing a fundraiser is fun and challenging at the same time. But even the most carefully planned fundraiser can go haywire when you make the next misstep. , community work, etc. She is one of the most recognizable faces of social workers and fundraisers in the United States due to her contribution to helping fire victims. She also trains young people to start their careers as social workers. Her online blogs are the best way to get the latest and trending tips for launching your social work career.

If you want to involve yourself in fundraising and have little knowledge about it, then surely this blog is beneficial for you. In this Mylene Chan, tries to explain everything about fundraising in brief.

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is raising money from individuals and businesses in the form of donations for a good cause. A person who collects the money from them is called a fundraiser. The aim of fundraisers is to raise money for charities, but over the years fundraising has evolved a lot and is now used to fund various important causes. These purposes can include anything from supporting disadvantaged people to raising education funds.

How to collect funds in effective ways:

1. Don't just do it to make money-

The goal of a fundraiser is to raise money for a good cause. Sure, all volunteers can be in the know and all guests are; But when it comes to money matters at a fundraiser, it's best to maintain some subtlety. An open attempt to "raise money" does not bode well for fundraising, no matter how noble. The dynamic should be reflected in the organization, planning, and implementation of the fundraiser.

Fundraiser customers are happy to donate as much as they want, whenever they want. Assuming your primary goal is financial is a good way to quickly fend off sponsors. If you really want to raise a significant amount, train volunteers to educate the benefactors about the cause.

2. Plan efficiently-

If you're hosting a fundraiser, make sure the planning phase starts on time. Having time on your side ensures you have time to plan the details. Planning a promotional strategy and executing it, etc. Saving time means you can proceed without the stress of failing deadlines. It also gives you enough time to complete any challenges you face in any of the planning stages.

3. Ask for feedback-

Feedback doesn't have to be a white paper with a few curated survey questions. Fundraising is characterized by a personal touch; To do this, have your volunteers or yourself interact with the guests. Ask them what they liked, what they didn't like, and what they would have liked to change. Introduce your team; Make the event do everything to keep the guests busy.

4. Do not extend the duration of the program-

Set a time limit for the fundraiser. It also serves as a good way of ensuring that the fundraiser does not go on indefinitely. The venue usually comes with a time limit as well.

So, curbing the time you allot for the actual fundraiser event can prevent its success from being diluted. Setting a definite period prevents monotony, and also gives the team a clear-cut time limit within which they should wrap up their responsibilities.

Too much of a good thing is never good! And it also applies in the case of fundraisers. Set a time limit for fundraising with a time limit. So reducing the time you spend on the actual fundraiser can help prevent your success from being diluted. Setting a defined period of time prevents monotony and also gives the team a clear time limit within which they must complete their tasks.

Hope so this information is useful for you. If you want to read more blogs related to social work and fundraising, visit the following links!


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Mylene Chan

Mylene Chan is worlwide famous for her social work and helping burned victims. She works to raise funds to help restoration work for the St. Anthony Chapel in Pittsburgh PA and St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Churh in Millvale, PA.

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