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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Store Stand out in 2020

With the ever-growing capacities of modern-day businesses and more innovative ideas being brought to fruition every day, it is paramount to ensure that people see your store in different light than other stores.

By Sean Patrick HopwoodPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

With the ever-growing capacities of modern-day businesses and more innovative ideas being brought to fruition every day, it is paramount to ensure that people see your store in a different light than other stores. With an infinite amount of options, people need a good motive to pick your store. For this reason, it is important for business owners and investors to consider ways they can attract a broader range of personalities into their doors.

With 2020 fast approaching, this may prove the perfect time to experiment with your business through some of the ideas listed herein. After all, marketing is all about taking a dive, trying new ideas, tracking results, and setting strategies. If there is a lesson to take away, it’s to never let potential opportunities pass you by. Every situation is worth investigating and every possibility opens new worlds. Try incorporating new elements, such as those which follow, in order to make yourself known to the masses.

Incorporate translation services into your business model.

If you are operating within the United States or the United Kingdom, for example, it is more than likely than your storefront sign is written in English. This is a given as it is necessary for your primary clientele to fully understand the product or service you are offering prior to entering your doors.

With this in mind, now consider your clientele in a broader sense. If your company is based in the United States, then it is almost a guarantee that your locality is inhabited at least in some part by a Spanish-speaking population. Thus, a clear way to increase physical commerce is to welcome these populations by means of signs outside your store written in Spanish, or perhaps even Mandarin, Vietnamese, Italian, or Russian, depending on your specific region. Luckily, certified translators within professional translation agency are always available to ensure that the name of your store, any slogans, and potential accompanying information are translated optimally into the target language.

The aforementioned is a clear indication of why it is also important to research the demographics of your area. It is essential to understand the nationalities, language groups, cultures, social classes, immigration history, among other details, located within the same town or city as your company. Besides, Spanish speakers make up nearly 14% of the total US population (not to mention those who can speak Spanish as a foreign language) and both Asian and European migratory groups have seen large waves coming into the United States during certain parts of recent US history.

Take advantage of social networking and advertising models.

In the modern age, any company without a web presence, unfortunately, is destined to crash and burn. The importance of social networking through platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter cannot be stressed enough. Anybody who has ever run a business, whether it be an online or physical store, a gym, a musical group, a blog, etc., will tell you first and foremost that you must learn how to market yourself and advertise your product or service in a way that is both affordable to you and appealing to the target audience.

Nowadays, if somebody hears about a store they are interested in visiting, the first place they go to is Google. Searching for said store, one often expects to find some sort of website run by the company where they list essential information such as their hours, their products, the days they are open, and something like a mission statement or summary of the company’s purpose. And, if they are wise and followed the preceding advice, there will be a section somewhere on the page to change the language of the page to another relevant language! If this store has no web presence, it is possible it will not be found or that the credibility of the store will become diminished. This is the harsh reality of modern business, so it is imperative that stores and businesses take advantage of it.

Once a web presence has been established, then the company can begin to build a following so that more people in the locality will hear about the store, make a visit, begin making purchases, possibly remain loyal customers, and so on. At this point, it is advisable to invest in advertising as this is the best way to go outside the borders of your store’s locality to let the whole nation, or even the whole world, know what you have to offer.

Establish and focus on a target audience

Leading on from the previous point, when advertising one of the main goals is to establish a target audience in order to direct the ads and make the most out of your investment. Bands do this to spread their music to the masses, writers do this to make their thoughts known, and corporations do this to spread their brand across the world.

Again, this will involve thorough research into how various factors such as age, nationality, economic status, location, etc. impact attraction to your store. It is not uncommon for companies to perform specific studies in order to compare the demographics of their locality with the product or service they are offering, perhaps from statistics taken from a similar company that offers a similar product. These studies can be as simple as surveying the locals to comparing statistics from years past.

Through this, a potential business can better establish a location to set up their store where the demographics go well with the product being offered. Factors such as age group and financial status also play important roles in such determination. Remember that you have an entire community to serve, so set your goals and establish a strategy.

Let every situation serve as a learning opportunity.

As with everything, you will make mistakes in your business ventures and you will fall several times. Never let this be a determinant in the future of your store. Every experience should be lived and reflected on in a positive light, learning from the mistakes made and using them to prevent future fallbacks. The primary way to prevent your path from being obstructed is to keep learning. Experience acts as the teacher, but you are responsible for forming the memories and following your own passions and aspirations.

Every situation serves as a learning opportunity. This is where it is essential to stay focused and remain on the path of improvement, both for yourself and for your store, and never let fear hold you back from achieving the goals you desire. If you are an inspiring writer, don’t let the magnitude of a potential project overwhelm you and cause you to miss out on a grand opportunity. Take a deep breath, look at the reality of your situation, and make rational decisions only when you have a clear head that is not clouded by stress. The same goes for managing a store or any other form of business.

Experience leads to success. Making the right investments to increase commerce in your store will rebound in your favor if you manage your assets correctly and make your decisions wisely. Spending a little bit here and there to increase the reach you have within your community and abroad goes a long way to putting your store at the forefront of competition and, furthermore, it is imperative to know your target audience like you know your best friend. Lastly, the key is to stay mild; let life throw at you what it will and make the most with what you are given. Let patience, aspiration, and positivity drive your decisions and success will surely find you.


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