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3 Ways Your E-commerce Business Can Thrive

Here are the tips every small retailer needs to know!

By Kari OakleyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Owning a retail business can be incredibly lucrative, because consumer goods are always in demand. However, starting your own company from scratch is always a challenge, and you’ll need to be ready to face a number of obstacles that can threaten your business around every corner. Here are the tips every small retailer needs to know in order to avoid the chopping and achieve financial success.

Maximizing Your Profit Margin

The crux of any company is money. Every business owner wants to make their fortune, and small businesses run a greater risk of going bankrupt if the finances are mismanaged. In order to boost your profit margin, you’ll need to master the art of reducing your expenses and increasing your revenue. There are many costs associated with keeping your business running, many of which are necessary. However, you can save a bit of money here and there if you know where to look. For example, you can phase out printing costs entirely by going paperless. Consumers prefer their documents and receipts in digital formats, because they’re much less cumbersome than paper documents. It may even net you some positive PR as one of many ways to go green. Increasing your revenue is fairly straightforward. You’ll want to increase your sales, and that means brushing up on your sales skills and expanding into the world of E-commerce.

Building an Online Presence

E-commerce and social media marketing are the order of the day in the digital age, and any business worth its salt will adopt these modern techniques in order to stay competitive. E-commerce is fairly simple for a retail business, because it simply means you need to start selling your consumer goods online. Allowing consumers to find and order your selection of products from the comfort of their own home is a surefire way to increase your sales figures. However, you also need to be visible online, and that entails using social media marketing to your advantage. Social media marketing offers businesses greater exposure than traditional marketing outlets because of a user base that equates to about half of the global populace. This is a boon for any business, but it’s especially valuable for retailers that can ship products internationally. Social media also offers an entire suite of marketing tools. For example, the instantaneous feedback you can receive on each and every post can save you a ton of time and money on market research, and free posts to your account can serve as a proxy for more costly and time consuming press releases.

Embracing Remote Workers

One of the most impactful benefits of conducting business in the internet age is the ability to hire and manage employees remotely. This is a major boon to any business, because every company has roles that can be performed using only a computer. However, businesses with an online focus, such as an online retailer, stand to benefit even more. Your entire IT department and your roster of customer service experts can be handled remotely, saving you the time and money otherwise spent on communicating with and managing these employees on site.

Teleconferencing apps like Skype can help you simulate face to face contact when and if you need to, but email contact is often as much as you need to keep things running smoothly under the remote employment model. If you can manage to get a 100% remote workforce, then you technically don’t even need office space at all. Given current events, remote employment is quickly catching on, but it’s always a great way to save money and time for you and your employees.

Managing your own company is an amazing opportunity, but it will take a lot of work in order to avoid squandering it. Online retailers have a lot of advantages going for them, but you’ll need these tips if you want to get ahead. Improving your profit margin, building an online presence, and hiring remote employees can help your business excel.


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