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3 Strategies to Implement With Your Small Audience to Make The Most of It as Content Creator

by Gladys Carmina 8 months ago in business
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Produce your content thinking of your audience and see the results!

3 Strategies to Implement With Your Small Audience to Make The Most of It as Content Creator
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As a content creator, you may think that having a tiny audience online is a detractor.

On the contrary, having a reduced audience is a great starting point because you have the possibility to get to know your audience, individual by individual.

These are the 3 strategies I am following at this stage of my writing journey that you can also implement for any online project you have:

  1. Understand your audience and learn what do they like the most to read or consume from your content. And produce your content strictly thinking about them.
  2. Niche down the topics your content is about, at least now that you are just starting to build your online audience. Plan in advance your content that is aligned within a single purpose.
  3. Experiment with different styles and ways of telling your story or creating your content. A small audience means a few eyeballs to judge your content. Find your very own and personal way to deliver your content.

These three strategies came from the fake assumptions content creators have from building an online audience.

Also including the fact that content creators assume that you need a considerable number of followers to actually make money from the online content you produce.

Here I tell you how to implement those strategies and make the most out of your tiny audience.

Strategy #1: Understand your audience

Paying attention to detail could be the biggest asset for your content creation project. You will be able to identify what your audience likes the most to consume and will give you a clue how to proceed.

In order to understand and get to know your audience, you need to analyze the responses you are getting from them. This information you may find it in the comments which I divide into three categories:

  1. The one that validates and accepts the article. For example “Good read. Loved it...”
  2. The one that follows a conversation. For example the meaningful comments I received in this post where I share 5 Fun Facts about France.
  3. No comments at all. Only reads or views but no comments. This is an indicator you need to be more real. More like a human that welcomes to start a conversation with.

By paying attention to this detail, I could identify my audience as highly interested in my Mexican culture and the way I approach personal experiences. Through lessons learned or from a point of view from where you can learn something.

Strategy #2: Niche down the topics you create your content about

Part of my learning curve was to discover myself as a person and as a writer. For so long I wanted to be a jack of all trades, “arroz de todos los moles”, we say in Mexico.

This resulted in writing masterpieces none in my community would read or notice. And I don’t blame them. My stats said that most of my readers here in Medium came when I published articles related to travel experiences, like this one and recently this one.

Why would my readers feel attracted or interested in learning about writing SEO-optimized content, if they enjoy reading travel experiences?

Yes, I wrote a guide about how to write an optimized SEO article, that didn’t have much traction.

Niching down your topic is could be quite tricky if you want to produce content about a broad spectrum of topics.

I used to refuse to niche down my topic because I wanted to write about what interested me the most, which goes from travelling to crochet. Including travelling, language learning, living abroad and incorporate my Mexican culture. Plus I also wanted to share my experience from writing online

This sounds complicated to niche down, eh?

After implementing the strategy mentioned above, of getting to know my audience, I came to the conclusion that my niche would be travel writers. In my upcoming articles, I will tell you how I came to this conclusion. Stay tuned.

This is my example which you can implement for yourself. I know how hard it could be to try to find a correlation between this topic and this other that interests you the most.

Also, make this niching down as part of a flexible strategy. This leads me to the next point.

Strategy #3: Experiment with different styles until you find your own voice

Every time you hit the publish bottom you become a better version of yourself as a writer or a content creator. Still, improvement will only happen after analyzing the factors that work for you and what isn’t summing to your project.

Telling personal stories is a practice that other content creators and writers may not recommend, under the argument that none is interested in reading your journal.

So I wrote about freelancing and entrepreneurship, productivity and about relationships. But with any of these topics, I had the engagement I had when I write about travel experiences.

In my very personal case, the content I write about my personal stories is the one that resonates the most with my audience.

Surprisingly, what I expected to be just another article, became the most read one of mine. I couldn’t understand why if I wrote a personal experience people could have enjoyed it.

Although I am confessing to you this is the kind of topic and content that my audience enjoys reading the most, you don’t have to replicate it. I tried myself with different topics and styles that I saw were popular among other writers and content creators.

Now that your audience is as tiny as mine, you have the chance to try out different topics and discover which are the ones you can commit to writing on a regular basis. Try as many topics and styles until you feel you have found your personal voice.

Finding a voice will only come with practice, time and a constant review that will indicate which factors you feel more comfortable with.

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