3 Reasons Why Employee Incentives Are Important

by Kevin Gardner 4 months ago in business

The Importance of Maintaining Employee Happiness

3 Reasons Why Employee Incentives Are Important

Businesses are always trying to find a way to appreciate their employees. They are making more of an effort as employees are being lured away to other companies with better benefits or incentives. Times are changing in some respect where employees are demanding and wanting more recognition for helping a business thrive. That said, many companies have hopped on board to ensure their employees are well taken care of, and get the rewards that they deserve. Here are five good reasons why employee incentives are important.


When a business hires someone, they expect that person to hang around, and not just leave within a month. Every company should strive to keep their employees for at least a year. Incentives help with having longevity when it comes to staff. People know their hard work is going to get acknowledged, and so it keeps them there. The business won't have to keep re-training people, because so many are heading for the door from being under appreciated. You want people to stay in their jobs and with the company for a long time. Giving them rewards and incentives is the best way to create this. Another reason for implementing incentives is to enhance worker skills. Those that are getting special training, and using it to prolong the business certainly should be acknowledged or rewarded. The more incentives you give will make people work harder, and enjoy their job more. It keeps them happy and feeling appreciated. They know management cares about them, and is looking after them every step of the way. Awards and incentives are good ways to indirectly communicate to staff that you need them.


No one wants to work at a job and be unhappy. Morale is probably one of the biggest things that any business has to tackle and keep on track. Low morale can literally suck the life out of a company when the staff is depressed, and doesn't like management. Offering rewards or incentives gives the morale a huge boost. People start to feel happier in their current job, and will work harder. The management might see more people talking to each other, and even saying hello to top bosses. Employee reward and recognition can change the lives of some people, especially if they have never won anything at all. This is a great way to reach out to those forgotten employees that have been working away for years, coming early and leaving late. Use incentives to keep these type of people happy, and let them reap the rewards.


A great incentive program attracts top talent within your industry or beyond. Every business looks for years during career seminars or workshops to find that perfect employee. Those individuals that know they are in demand for their talents can pick and choose what incentives are the best. They might want longer breaks, or when a project is done, a bonus. Use reward programs to entice people with good skills that your business is great on appreciation. This will turn the heads of those with talent that can be useful. Behavioral changes are another way incentives can alter an employees life. Not all of us are great at chatting with our teammates. It might take some time to get used to the environment, and how everyone perceives you.

When a business starts to pay attention, they can surely bet employee behavior will shift as well. You might find more staff defending your company instead of talking bad about it. The quiet employee now becomes the talkative employee, and wants to take part in the company softball team. Rewards can go a long way when you are trying to bring together a team as well. Teams can be difficult if there is no ending reward. Some employees might say, what are we doing this for if they never acknowledge us? Keep teams intact by acknowledging them, or even creating a special reward trophy in their name.

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