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2 Evergreen Traffic Sources To Generate Targeted Traffic

by Calvyn Lee 7 months ago in how to

How To Get Evergreen Traffic Sources?

2 Evergreen Traffic Sources To Generate Targeted Traffic
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I wish to share my most 2 most use and evergreen traffic sources that generates hundreds of targeted visitors to my website daily.

In my earlier post on the importance of traffic, I remember saying that traffic is the lifeblood of webmasters. However, just getting traffic without conversion, I mean the visitor that comes to the website should be converted as a repeated visitor or a subscriber to the website.

Therefore, traffic + conversion = income.

In order to attract traffic, I am going to reveal two of the evergreen sources for targeted traffic. In order to get the traffic converted you must need an opt-in page or newsfeed for subscription as reader of your blog or website. With this strategy you can easily get over 100 visitors in a day and in fact every day. (To have a opt-in page, you may try out Builderall, this all in one tools is very cost effective and help me build my landing page for affiliate marketing)

Evergreen Traffic System

Two evergreen traffic sources in affiliate and internet marketing that attracts 100+ visitors daily to your website.

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1. Blog Commenting

I believe if you were in internet and affiliate marketing for a while now then you’d have definitely heard about this blog commenting. However, I am not focusing on the same old affiliate marketing styled blog commenting that you’ve heard. I am revealing you how to do blog commenting in such a way that you would get direct targeted traffic along with a quality backlink to your website rather than getting an anchor text backlink.

Remember, the anchor text way backlinks that contain a plain comment like “thank you for the good information”, “great blog post I have ever read”, “simply superb work” is not going to work anymore rather for a few days before the blog owner realizes the spammy nature of your blog comment.

Instead you may pick up blogs related to your niche from Technorati. After picking the blog, simply read the post and give your opinion that could be thought to add more value to the blog post. Or simply you can suggest them of their shortfalls in the post or more resources related to the blog post. By this way, your blog comment attracts more interest to the blog post readers, which is an excellent thing to drag them to your website included in the blog comments.

You must use Google alerts to receive alert mails immediately after something is published afresh for the specific keywords that you have sought alertness for. By doing this you will have the first opportunity to make blog commenting and have advantageous position because of that as you are going to be the first to post valuable comments related to the keyword niche. By doing this you will get quality traffic to your website along with keyword rich anchor text backlink that forces Google to think as not spam.

Find if the blog you have come across has comment luv or keyword luv installed in it. You can make use of this feature in the most optimum way by commenting in the blog post. The advantage of comment luv is by default your latest blog post will get displayed. You also have an option to make any one of your last 10 posts to be displayed. With keyword love, I can add the keyword which I want to rank for in Google or Search Engines. For example, “[email protected]” in the name field of blog comment.

You can see the below example for blog comments made where comment luv and keyword luv is installed. In this comment I signified the name as “[email protected]“, where “MyKeywordForRanking” becomes an anchor text backlink to my blog or website. You also see that my chosen post “3 Easy Methods To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer” is displayed by comment luv. So, make use of comment luv and keyword luv whenever you get an opportunity for blog commenting in those blogs.

In order to make yourself look familiar and recognizable it would be better to have your photo which helps look legitimate and authoritative on the niche. To do this simply register a Gravatar and everytime you comment in a blog with the registered email id , you’ll have your photo automatically attached to the blog comments. By doing this you are attracting visual attention from other blog readers and also helps them to identify you. The key to blog commenting success is to provide added value comments or disputing comments to the blog post with a link pointing back to your website. As the other readers are visually attracted to you and they tend to know more from you and this will lead them to follow you to your website through that backlink.

By Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

2. Forum Marketing

What is forum marketing? Forum marketing is one of the oldest ways to generate targeted traffic which is still young in perspective. In internet and affiliate marketing, this method of getting traffic from forums related to your niche still works and will work for ever. Many of the forums do not allow posting of html in the forum threads and posts. Some of the them do allow using of html where you can hyperlink your website for an anchor text in the forum post related to your niche. But most of them do allow using of html in your profile signatures, where you can link your website with the relevant keyword rich anchor text (Forum Signature).

It is always easier to find top forum in your niche from and . Most of the forums requires you to register as a member of the community following a simple sign up form. You’ll have to agree with their terms before joining and also read and remember to comply with their rules related to posting in a topic or creating a new topic thread etc., Similarly, they may require you to post a certain number of posts in their forum topics before you’ll be allowed to create your own forum signature. When you become ready to create a forum signature, it is obvious that you need to link your website or page in your website with an attention grabbing headline with a call to action.

For example,

>> Ever wish to get super sniper subscribers that buy from you one after another? That too without spending a dime! <<


>> $0.99c domains offer. get it before it goes! use #domain #coupon 99love or <<


>> Get More Sign Ups! Increase your email SIGN UPS by 49%… <<

The best part is that when you add your valuable opinion on a forum thread or contradict the topic post, you always have an option to include your signature attached the forum post. Similar to blog commenting your forum post will be followed by other people when your opinion or suggestion or contradictions adds value to the topic. This will generate interest in other forum members to follow you and visit your website linked in the forum signature for knowing more information about the related niche from you. In most of the forum topics the members of the community share their problems and seek solution for their problems in the related niche topic. If your post provides value or solves their problem, they are more likely to follow you through your forum signature in search of more information on the problem niche topic. They will be very much interested to learn more from you because you’ve solved their problem in your post and they are also attracted to your signature which contains an attention grabbing headline which is more related to their problem posted in the forum.

If you are using Blog Commenting and Forum Marketing then you would already know that these two ways of getting traffic to a website or blog is an evergreen traffic source that works forever. The only thing is you need to do it appropriately by adding value to the content. The traffic that is being got from this 2 old school traffic system are directly relevant to your niche and targeted which has a potential for your profit making as an affiliate marketer. The results from these two evergreen traffic sources can be seen in a few days time and repeatedly bringing in the traffic you need and that are easily convertible.

Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment here about these two evergreen traffic sources. :-)

Apart from this 2 traffic source, there is several more marketing method you can use to get traffic, such as

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

All this skill you can learn in my Digital Marketing Course. Ping me if you interested to know more.

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