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15 Side Hustles To Generate Extra Income

by Ryan Miller 6 months ago in how to
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Actionable Ideas About How to Make Money From Home.

15 Side Hustles To Generate Extra Income
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There are more and more people that started to work from home. By staying always home, they may feel the need to earn extra bucks, working on side projects.

Expect jobs requiring physical work. The pandemic forced the companies to find means of permitting the employees to do remote work.

Speaking of WFH, you can read more about my work from home experience in the below article.

The ideas from the article are not shady or scam. Also, it will not get you to jail. The advice from the article is quite actionable.

Are you ready for my 15 ideas on how to make money from home? Speaking of making money online, also check the below article.

Use HoneyGain and earn money for sharing your internet connection

HoneyGain is a platform that gives you money in exchange for your internet bandwidth. It can be installed on Windows, Android, and Mac OS X.

The minimum payment threshold is 20 USD and you will receive money via PayPal. It does not steal your data and does not saturate your device’s resources nor your internet connection.

If you are interested, subscribe via my link and you’ll benefit from a 5 USD bonus. I know it’s not much, but being a passive income, you don’t need to do almost anything. The more referrals you have, the more you earn.

Flip Products for Money

You can start by selling your old things or the things you don’t need anymore. This way, you will also learn how to use the marketplace platforms.

If you want to flip things for a living, you can buy products from cheap stores and sell them online. Or, you can order stuff from China, test it, and then sell it.

This is a cheap but time-consuming activity. Selling online requires that you spend a lot of time promoting your platform and talking to potential customers.

Become a Social Media Manager

To do this, you need to learn a little about Social Media and the platforms. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Many online courses teach you how to become a Social Media Manager on platforms like Udemy. Just create a free account and type in the search box “social media.”

Managing Facebook pages and groups is a time-consuming activity that can be done directly from the mobile phone.

Take and Sell Photos

Another good idea is to buy a good camera, take photos and sell them on stock photo platforms. Maybe you will need to buy a photography course to learn the basics, but if you are the creative type and know how to do a little photo manipulation, you can start winning without any course.

Wouldn’t you like to start earning money with your travel or holiday photography? It’s like winning extra money by capitalizing on the things you already do.

Write Content for Money

Another awesome thing you can do to earn money is to write content. You can use platforms la Medium, Vocal, and Substack, but you can also get freelance writing gigs.

Join the content and copywriter groups from Facebook, create accounts on freelancer platforms, and start looking for things to write about.

Also, you can start and grow a blog. The blog will not bring you money fast, but it’s an investment. You build something that will eventually start earning money.

If you are not convinced that blogging is a good idea, read the below article.

Become a Programmer and Start Freelancing

It may sound not easy what I had just said, but it’s not Sci-Fi, trust me. Spending a few hours daily studying different programming languages will kickstart your programmer career.

You can start by learning Web Development programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and start making money as a freelancer.

Yes, I know this is more difficult than posting on Facebook or flipping things, but it also pays higher. You can even start learning how to code from Udemy.

Learn How to Create Nice Graphics and Start Freelancing

You can toy around with photo-editing platforms, and after you learn how to use them, you will also be capable of making money. You can search for different freelancing jobs and create additional photos and infographics on platforms like Canva.

Also, creating headers and banners can help you pay the bills.

Meditate Others for Money

If you have math, English, or informatics skills, you can meditate others for money. The trend is to provide this type of service from Zoom.

It would be best if you studied first the schoolbooks, but this is not difficult. After you get familiar with the needs, you can start meditating kids on different objects.

Do Affiliate Marketing

If you have time and money to buy and test products, you can do affiliate marketing. Start a blog or write reviews on different platforms and help people choose the right products for them.

This will bring value to the buyers and will help you earn extra bucks. If you like books, you can write book reviews. If you are the techie kind of guy, you test electronics and write tips and tricks about them.

Write a Book

If you have mad writing skills, you can write and publish a book. You can earn money both online and offline. Selling your work as an ebook on Amazon will bring you money, but you can also win by selling the hard-copy of the book offline.

Becoming a published writer will also help you build a business. While you may fail at first, you will win in the long term.

Rent Your Home to Airbnb

If you can sleep at friends or your parents for a while, you can rent your home to Airbnb. This will help you make extra money with a small effort.

It would help if you learned how to do this first, but after that, it is relatively easy. I know a bunch of people that rent their homes for money, and it’s quite ok.

Become a Consultant

If you have business skills or you are good in your industry, become a consultant. Also, you can create online video courses and sell them on different platforms.

Why not value your actionable skills for money? It’s a pity to waste talent.

Become a Vlogger, YouTuber or TikToker

If you don’t have writing skills, but you like doing videos, you should earn money with your skill.

Start a Vlog or post videos on platforms like YouTube or TikTok. It will be funny at first, but if you learn how to do this well, you will also start to earn money.

Another actionable idea is to talk while you play and earn on platforms like Twitch.

Test Websites for Money

You can use platforms like UserTesting to test websites and win money. This does not require technical skills; you only need a laptop, a microphone, and an internet connection.

Organize Photo Sessions at Your House

If you have a friendly and big home, you can rent it for photo sessions. You need to invest a little in objects and to create a nice decor. This will help you earn extra bucks quite fast.


👇 I hope you enjoyed reading this piece. Curious to know a bit about myself? 👇

My pen name is Ryan Miller. I am a Linux Sysadmin, writing hobbyist, father, and husband. I mostly write non-fiction on Vocal, Medium, and my blogs.

My day-to-day job pays my bills, but I am not going to lie to you. I am interested in making money with my writing as well. My top earning article on Medium generated 50$ so far.

I don't cross-post everything I write on Medium here, so if you want to follow my entire work (and earn some money yourself), you should subscribe with my affiliate link. I will earn a small commission from your monthly fee, while you don't have to pay anything extra.

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