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13 Methods I Use To Generate Unlimited Business Opportunities

by Noor 5 months ago in business

Embrace An Open Mind

13 Methods I Use To Generate Unlimited Business Opportunities
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We live in a digitalized age, where it is now easily possible to dive into the opportunities at a click of a button from the comfort of our own home.

There are endless possibilities in the world of business, from freelance writing to becoming a dropshipping seller. No wonder most of us are left overwhelmed when deciding what to do.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

– Mark Twain

Before we dive into these powerful business opportunities, we need to perfect these three steps below: mindset, filter, and start.

Step 1: Mindset

The key to successfully choosing and embarking on an opportunity is adopting an open positive mindset. Doing so will allow you to be more receptive to opportunities coming your way.

Don’t restrict yourself to only what you know.

Be open to the unknown, even if it requires you to invest time and energy to learn a new skill.

Earlier in 2019 before opening my Etsy store, designing was the last thing I envisioned myself doing. After coming across it on a youtube video, I approached it with an open mindset and a can-do attitude. Dedicating a few hours each week to learn designing skills worked wonders and I’m learning new designing methods every time.

If only I brushed off the idea because I didn't know anything about designing at the time, the opportunity to dive into Etsy and POD would be gone.

Step 2: Filter

The key to overcoming overwhelm is to master the skill of effective filtering. We need to train ourselves to filter out the ideas and opportunities that cater to our existing needs and talents.

Make a simple youtube search for passive income online, and you will surely be overwhelmed by the massive list of side hustles to try.

If you didn't filter out what you can and can’t do based on the time you are willing to invest then you’ll spread yourself too thin, suffer from shiny object syndrome, and burn out in the end.

Step 3: Start

This is the most important step. If we don’t start then the idea will remain merely an idea that means nothing and has no value. In order to turn the idea into a thriving opportunity, we must take action.

Start by making small steps to succeeding. Open that Etsy store, register that domain or press start to record your first podcast.

Whatever it is, simply Start It Now.

Everything will flow into motion once you’ve made the hardest move, starting.

1. Interests and Hobbies

Take a deep look into your own hobbies, interests, and existing skill set.

What is the one thing that you love to do and are good at?

In some cases, especially when you are tight on time and energy, you are not required to learn a new skill to succeed. Simply look at what you already have and build on that. Excel at the one thing and you will be on your way to success.

When I talked about diving into a new skill such as designing, it is because I had the time to invest in a new skill despite my already existing skills. I also combined it with my already existing skill in SEO and marketing which made it a little easier so I didn't have to start completely from zero.

2. Product or Service?

Figure out what type of seller you are?

Do you enjoy the creation process or the service option?

Do you prefer creating the product and handling the marketing and promotion?

Do you simply delivering a service to customers and monitoring the customer experience?

In my case, I enjoy being part of every step from creating the product to delivering it to customers and asking for feedback. It is extremely rewarding for me to know a product I created brings joy to those who tried it and being part of its journey.

On the other hand, most of my friends, enjoy either outsourcing the product or delivering a one-off service to customers.

Understand what type of business model you want and work on it.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.

It purely depends on your preference.

3. Ask

Ask the people who love you and know you best what kind of business they can envision you doing.

It's amazing what you will hear from loved ones who know you best. Be selective in those who you choose to seek advice.

Remember that you always have free will to decide whether you should take the advice or not, as you know yourself best.

In my case, I always wanted to be a creative fiction writer. I would write a few pieces here and there but nothing consistent. Being a perfectionist, I constantly criticized my writing and didn't publish any of what I wrote. Until recently, when I asked family and friends what they envisioned me doing and 90% of them said a fiction writer.

They affirmed what I already knew and enjoyed doing, which made this tactic even more powerful.

4. Platforms

Look on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to figure out what to sell based on your hobbies and skills.

Research different products and services that are popular and have the best selling badge. You might even find a niche or product type you were not familiar with before. If it ticks all the boxes, you might consider it in your next project.

I never knew you could sell digital printable coloring pages on Etsy if I haven’t invested the time to research potential product types.

5. Youtube

Look on youtube for successful entrepreneurs that share the same interests as you that have taken it further into a business venture. They will serve as your mentors.

Make sure to look for authentic credible YouTubers who know what they are talking about.

Take note of their step-by-step blueprint to gain motivation from their realistic successes.

6. Change

Take a look at the existing problems in your life as well as the life of family and friends.

What are possible commercial solutions to these problems?

Most successful businesses have found a solution to a common problem.

How can you make life easier for you and others on a social scale?

Whether it is simplifying something that you use in your daily life or transforming one of your favorite products or services, people are always looking out for solutions and updates.

7. Travel

Travel widens your perspective and attitudes to life. If you have the option to travel, actively be aware of the cultural opportunities available in the area you are traveling to.

Pay attention to how local traders do business and what they sell.

Take inspiration from what is currently selling and the market trends in the area. You never know when the next trading opportunity shows up.

8. Learn From The Past

Take a look at old ideas that have proven to be successful.

How can you remake them into a modern business idea that is viable in this digitalized age?

What ideas can you recycle, yet add your own touch to?

9. Read

Consume more information through the act of reading.

Whether it’s online or offline, reading opens your mind to what’s happening on a global scale.

It helps you shape your perspective and introduces you to new ideas.

Be selective in your reading by filtering out what niches and skills you would like to be more knowledgeable about.

10. Join Groups

Join local and online groups filled with encouraging and positive members who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

This will help you massively to network, build connections and learn from others as they share their tactics and methods.

There are numerous groups on Facebook and forums that are helpful for newbies as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

Make sure not to copy anyone’s idea and give back to the community with your own findings, too.

11. Ditch Your Comfort Zone

How many people do you know that are successful and still within their comfort zone? Not much.

Staying in your comfort zone will only limit your potential and bring you down in the long run.

If you are an introvert, then take small steps to implement small changes each day.

Expose yourself to the right new experiences that will strengthen your insight and bring you an abundance of opportunities.

Try something new, whether it's a new hobby or registering for a new service.

Get out of your comfort zone by trying something new and exposing yourself to new experiences.

12. Become Active

Become more active in social networking, whether it is online or offline. This especially applies to local events, festivals, and other meetings that are targeted towards building new friendships.

I have found that the best ideas that came to me were when I was engaging with others and socializing. I was in a positive mood and my mind was receptive to new opportunities.

13. Relax

With our busy lifestyle and hustle culture, we are bombarded with the need to get moving and be on the lookout for new opportunities every second.

While this may be true to an extent, it is equally critical to learn the art of relaxing and letting go of expectation.

Mental and physical relaxation can do wonders for your mental state, as it helps to sharpen your mind. In turn, the mind will become open and receptive to accepting, filtering, and accomplishing tasks.

It is easy to become constantly stressed as we become actively searching for new ideas.

Effective relaxation will help improve our logical thinking and decision-making skills, which is important to take advantage of the right opportunity at the right time.


About The Author

Noor is a first-year business student at Tredu. She is passionate about marketing and content creation. She runs a holistic wellness blog and recently launched her YouTube channel specializing in holistic healing.



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