11 Display Ad Examples in 2020 That Make You Go ‘WOW’

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We have put together some of the top Display Ad examples in 2020 that have the traits to deserve a mention.

11 Display Ad Examples in 2020 That Make You Go ‘WOW’

Display ads can have a variety of features like powerful images, interactive content, attractive color combinations, great ad copy & much more. Essentially, it must capture the attention of the audience, help in lead generation and encourage them to make that sale.Here are some top display ad examples in 2020 that do just that!


When it comes to video ads, McDonald’s always deserves a mention. With brilliant product shots clubbed with feel-good music, McDonald’s video ads are bound to get your attention.

Look at this Ad featuring some of their famous orders. It’s clean, simple & has the perfect music to blend in with the theme.

Here is another great example of a Video Ad by McDonald’s promoting a specific burger. The mouthwatering close-up shots of the burger will entice your taste buds right away. Not only the videography, but the narration of this Ad also deserves appreciation. The Ad isn’t talking about the burger directly, instead, it is narrating the story of the onions inside the burger. Now, that’s a unique way of promoting a product.

Both the ads tick the requirements for the best practices of video advertising. It doesn’t focus on sales. Instead, it uses humor, good music, good branding & grabs the audience in less than 10 seconds.


When it comes to customer engagement, nobody beats Nike. This is a classic Display Ad example by Nike. Two static images stitched together without any fancy editing.

Nike is promoting it’s new running shoes that are light & comfortable. The Ad copy has also been designed to portray that sense of comfort.

If you look at the color combination of the Ad, you will notice that the colors are not too flashy or hard on your eyes, rather you feel relaxed looking into it.

Keeping the design of your ad at par with the aesthetics of your product is always a good practice.


Here is a great example of a banner Ad used for B2B collaborations. Amazon published this banner ad to connect with businesses that might be interested in logistics support.

You may have already noticed that Amazon has maintained a Blue color scheme in this ad.

The image is meant to establish trust in the target audience. The comforting smile of the person in focus portrays the satisfaction of doing business with Amazon.

The other elements of this Ad, like branding, text, size, and CTA are at par with the best practices of banner ad designing.

Search Engine Land

Now, this is a Display Ad without any catchy graphics or photos. In fact, this Ad is meant to attract the audience with its Text.

The entire success of this Display Ad revolves around the question in the Text. It is instigating the audience to know about their problems and opportunities by taking the Survey.

Search Engine Land uses this Ad to target audiences at the top of the funnel or people in the awareness stage. The perfect example of a Display Ad being used to conduct surveys and lead generation.

The dimension of this ad is 300 x 250, which is the “medium rectangle” and it is one of the top-performing ad sizes on the Google Display Network.


This is again an Ad that is not focused on graphics or images. You must notice that it focuses attention on what the customer stands to gain if they choose to work with Springboard. The ad generally evokes curiosity and urges the audience to know more about it.

The whole purpose of this Ad is to bring audiences to a particular landing page and it will very well serve its purpose.


This is how you combine gifs into static images and texts. You can’t run videos on the banner ads, but you can run a gif like this to bring some movement in your static display ads.

This ad by Semrush has everything static except for the image. It’s quite simple, yet the movements get your attention quickly.

Combining moving elements on static ads is a great way to grab the attention of the audience. Try this out and we bet you will get results.


A beautiful display ad by Walmart designed to target potential delivery partners.

The Ad is targeted to find CDL-A truck drivers who would love to work with Walmart & the entire focus of the Ad has been kept on the audience rather than the brand.

Westgate Reservations

Here is a unique way of presenting a carousel Ad. You may have often come across carousel Ads with a focus on different products in each of the blocks. That’s quite distracting.

Rather than using the general technique of using independent pictures in each block, Westgate Reservations has used the first three pictures to make the phrase ‘ Experience The Magic Of Disney ‘. This brings the whole ad together and keeps the focus on a single product, The Disney Getaway package in this case.


Take a look at this ad to learn how to build curiosity over an Ad copy. Unlike the other ads you come across, this ad will not disclose what the brand has to offer. You can only know it by visiting their site using the CTA button.

The Ad is meant to ignite your interest and pull your cursor towards the Learn More button. The design, the color combination & the CTA is crafted perfectly to get your undivided attention.


It is quite essential to match the overall aesthetics of a brand with the Ads it is running. Gucci being an expensive fashion brand has lived up to that expectation with this beautiful Display Ad.

Although this is a product ad, still the focus is on the overall fashion statement & not solely on the product. You can also get the vibe of a pleasant Spring morning that goes perfectly with the theme, ‘Eyewear Spring Summer Collection’.

This is a classic example of a display ad that thrives only on its visual appeal. The better your image, better the chances of getting noticed.


Here’s a Display Ad by Shopify that doesn’t show an intent to sell, rather it tries to deliver value to its audience. This particular Ad targets people who want to sell homemade products and offer them an opportunity to try out their platform for free.


Display Ads can do miracles if done right but to grab the attention of your audience and stand out of the crowd, you need to pitch in some breathtaking ideas. So go ahead, put your creative minds at work & make the perfect display ad for your brand.

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