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Olympic Taekwondo qualification process for Summer Games

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Olympic Taekwondo Tickets | Olympic Games Tickets | Paris Olympic 2024 Tickets | Summer Games Tickets | Paris 2024 Tickets

Olympic Taekwondo, which means the method of kicking and punching. This is a martial art that was initiated in Korea. Its origins date back to Korea’s Three-Kingdom era c.50 BC when a martial art identified as Tae Kyon's “foot‑hand” grew. For some 2,000 years, a variety of martial arts were practised on the Korean peninsula. During the early 20th era, taekwondo become the central form of martial art practised in Korea.

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Olympic Taekwondo qualification process for Summer Games

It then went global and in 1973, WT was established. That same year, the first world tournaments were held in Seoul. Taekwondo made its Olympic inauguration in Sydney in 2000 where 103 participants competed at the games. The Paris Olympics taekwondo contest will see 128 participants take to the mat. The same total as every game since Beijing 2008. Find out everything you need to know about the number of athletes, stars to watch and qualification pathway.

The Olympic Taekwondo qualification scheme described

The Tokyo 2020 taekwondo contest had one of the most varied lists of winners at the games. With five of the eight Olympic winners greeting from nations. That had never seen members win gold in the sport. As new winners were crowned, old favourites had to deal with regret. Korea, who tops the all-time Olympic award board with 22 medals, including 12 golds. This was the first time they go back from an Olympic 2024 without winning a single gold.

Will more significant gold medals be won at the upcoming Olympics? Or will former titleholders bounce back at the Grand Palais in the capital of France? In total, 128 participants will compete in the Paris taekwondo tournament. 64 men and 64 women precisely the same number as the previous editions of the Summer Games. This figure contains host country shares two per gender and Universality places two per gender.

Following that, 120 remaining share places will be assigned to the National Olympic Committees. With a maximum figure of eight one per weight category, and four per gender across all weight classes. For each of the eight weight classes, a maximum of 16 participants will compete. However, this figure may rise if additional contestants are selected for the refugee Olympic side.

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The necessities for participants to be qualified for a quota

To be qualified to take part in the Paris Olympics 2024. All participants will be required to fulfil a few requirements. Athletes must be Kukkiwon Dan permit holders. Athletes must hold a World Taekwondo universal participant certificate. Those athletes qualified through the host country places, Universality Places. The continental qualification competitions must meet one of the five necessities between 1 June 2022 and 1 May 2024.

Athletes must be medal winners at any of the contests registered on the WT event calendar. In order to qualify, participants must be graded at least once in the WT global ranking during the qualification period. Athletes must have progressed to the round of 16 or higher. At either the 2022 or 2023 edition of the World Taekwondo tournaments.

Participants must have progressed to quarter-finals or higher. At either the continental Taekwondo competitions or at their respective Continental Taekwondo Qualification Tournaments. Athletes must be the winner of their national Taekwondo championships.

The qualification route to Olympic Games 2024

All of the 128 places will be distributed in five ways. Host nation places, Universality places, WT Olympic grade, WT grand slam champions series and continental qualification competitions. As the host nation, France will be assigned four quota places two for men and two for women. While another four quota spaces two for men and two for women for Universality places. These will be definite by the Tripartite commission in May 2024. offers Olympic Games 2024 Tickets at the best prices. Olympic fanatics can buy Paris Olympic Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

World taekwondo Olympic standing

 A total of 40 contestants 20 men and 20 women. The highest five graded athletes per weight class on the ranking will secure one share each for their NOC. World taekwondo Olympic standing will reproduce results until the Grand Prix Final of December 2023. If there is a tie between participants in the number of WT Olympic Ranking points won during qualifiers.

The athlete who won the grade points at events with higher grades will receive the share place. With the allowance of the Olympic Games which has a peak grade of G20. The World Taekwondo Finals is the highest-grade event, followed by the GP Final and the GP Series. The lowest grade events include the GP contest and world military champions events.

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World taekwondo grand slam champions sequences

A total of eight participants four men and four women. To the highest-ranked participant. Per NOC one share place will be owed. In each weight category on the standing of Grand Slam Champions Series after December 2023. In case of a tie in the sum of merit point standing points. The participant who attained a higher rank in the 2023 world taekwondo grand slam champions series will obtain the share place.

Five continental qualification competitions for Paris 2024

A total of 72 participants 36 men and 36 women. Only NOCs who have shares for less than two athletes per gender. Sportspersons from the host nation are not eligible to partake in the respective inland qualification contest. The two highest-placed players at each continental qualification contest in each of the eight weight categories will obtain one quota place each for their NOC. However, the highest-positioned athlete per weight class will only win one quota place. Each at the Oceania Qualification contest.

The Paris Olympic 2024 taekwondo competition set-up and timetable

Taekwondo hasn't altered its weight classes since its debut on the Olympic programme at Sydney 2000. They will remain the same for 2024. Men's taekwondo weight classes are -58kg, -68kg, -80kg, and +80kg Women's Olympic Taekwondo weight classes are -49kg, -57kg, -67kg, and +67kg. Participants will progress to the next round by winning face-to-face eliminatory bouts.

There are four awards available per weight category: gold, silver and two bronzes. The dates to mark in your calendar are 7, 8, 9 and 10 August 2024. The entire contest will take place at the Grand Palais, placed in the heart of Paris. There will be medal events two per gender on each of these days.

Daedo to supply taekwondo mats at upcoming Summer Games

Roll rugs were provided by Barcelona-based company Daedo for the Olympic taekwondo contest. Daedo is a leading Olympic Taekwondo protector scoring system supplier. He has acted as a PSS supplier for the last three editions of the Olympics between 2012 and 2020. Known for its customisable design and great quality. The company claimed that roll mats help in stopping mat burn and knee injuries.

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The roll rugs of Daedo use at the Guadalajara 2022 world taekwondo championships. World championships are likely to be seen. As the only supplier of the Taekwondo mat for 2024, we are excited. Chuen-Wook Park, founder and chief executive of Daedo mentioned as saying by MASTKD. Our many years of drill in producing the peak quality Taekwondo equipment have helped us.

We develop a top-of-the-line mat that encounters the standards of WT and the needs of both rivals and event planners. We can’t wait to see it in action on the world’s prime stage. Roll mats from Daedo are also probable to make an entrance at other multi-sport events like the Asian Games, European Games and Summer Games. The company has almost 40 years of know-how in the martial arts industry.

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