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My Top Favorite Joe Rogan Podcast Guests Of All Time

5 Guests - 5 Different Fields

By Ionutz KazakuPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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These people changed my life.

Before books, podcasts were my main source of learning. Thanks to Joe’s podcast, I became obsessed with discovering new ideas and different people’s points of view. Most importantly, I fell in love with learning.

Here are my top favorite JRE podcast guests of all time (part 1) — 

Guest #1: Comedy — Duncan Trussell

This podcast is the perfect example of what guys are really doing when their girlfriends think they’re out cheating — Random Comment

Joe and Duncan are best friends.

Years back, when Joe was doing comedy at the Comedy Store, Duncan was answering calls there. One day, Joe called the Comedy Store and Duncan was on the other side. After their long talk, Joe rang back every day just to talk to Duncan.

When Duncan comes around, the boys dress up in costumes, drink some booze and smoke weed. Their conversations are as bizarre as their atmosphere. They talk about conspiracy theories, old civilizations, aliens, death, and other weird stuff.

Definitely my favorite podcast guest of all time. Here is one of the episodes.

Duncan has been 43 times at Joe!

Guest #2: Psychology — Jordan Peterson

This is Joe Rogan’s favorite guest.

Most people know Jordan Peterson from his best-selling books: “12 Rules For Life” & “Beyond Good & Evil”. Before writing his books, Jordan was a professor at the University of Toronto. There, Jordan recorded his well-known lectures that made him popular.

The conversation between Jordan & Joe is flawless. They talk about Nazi Germany, Dostoevsky’s and Nietzsche’s books, religion, dealing with personal problems and uncovering the truth about thyself.

These podcast episodes blew my mind and changed my life forever.

Guest #3: Motivation— David Goggins

How disciplined are you?

David grew up in a house of extreme domestic violence. He was 6 years old and working full time for his father. He always watched his mother getting mistreated. At school, he went by the n word. His life was a mess.

Goggins has completed over 60 ultra-marathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons. He is also a retired US Navy Seal. He proved to everyone that nothing is impossible. With the help of discipline and consistency, you can achieve anything.

You must listen to the 2 podcast episodes, it will humble and motivate you. Here is the first episode.

“Discipline equals freedom.” — Jocko Willink

Guest #4: Space Exploration — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Fall in love with the cosmos

Neil is absolutely amazing at capturing your attention and making you curious about learning. He is a great storyteller with the ability to answer the most difficult science questions. He makes astrophysics fun.

In the episodes, Neil explains why the moon landing was not fake, breaks down the most controversial UFO videos and most importantly, why the US should invest more money in space exploration.

Guest #5: Chemistry— Hamilton Morris

Want to learn more about psychoactive drugs?

I believe Hamilton is one of the youngest and most important minds of our generation. He is a scientific researcher, journalist, creator & director of “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia” in which he investigated the chemistry, history, and cultural impact of various psychoactive drugs.

In the podcast, Hamilton talks about caffeine overdose, the benefits of cannabis, psychoactive drugs like magic mushrooms, LSD and DMT. He also speaks about other drugs which he tried himself.

Most importantly, Hamilton talks about pharmaceutical drugs industry and about addiction.

I wish I could forget about these episodes, so I can listen to them all over again!

Would you like a part 2?

Thanks for reading :)

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