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My Favourite Podcasts Of All Time - Podcasts I Listen To Every Day

5 Podcasts - 5 Different Genres

By Ionutz KazakuPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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I have learned more from podcasts than from books.

It's kind of surprising hearing that from a person who writes mainly about reading and books.

I learn better by listening because I create movies inside my head.

Listening to podcasts is the closest interaction I can have with people I admire and aspire to become. Podcast guests are experts in their field, providing loads of knowledge in a small amount of time. It is like having a passive conversation where you are only listening.

Here are my favourite podcasts of all time - 

Podcast #1: Science & Health- Huberman Lab

The neuroscientist who solved all my problems - Andrew Huberman.

Andrew is a passionate neuroscientist who talks about sleep, stress, metabolism, vision, taste and many more. He takes one topic and explains it thoroughly in easy biological terms, making the episode extremely insightful & fun to listen to.

I can't thank Dr. Andrew Huberman enough.

At the end of each episode, Andrew advises his listeners to implement tricks and science-based tools for better health and an increase in productivity.

I believe that if you understand the mechanism, you are in much a better place to make informed decisions.

Huberman Lab Podcast - Cover.

Podcast #2: Everything - Joe Rogan Experience

My favorite podcast of all time.

Joe is arguably the best conversationalist of our time. He is passionate about the most bizarre topics: conspiracies, aliens, psychedelics, ancient cultures, bow hunting, wildlife and a lot more. He always invites the most incredible guests with different backgrounds and secrets to share.

Joe Rogan has shaped my identity.

He is very open-minded with a great sense of humor. His podcasts are never boring.

JRE Podcast - Cover

Podcast #3: Science, Technology, AI, Love & Life - Lex Fridman

It's hard to describe Lex's podcast in one word.

Lex is the most adorable, lovely human being we all need in our life. He is such a smart guy with a very humble outlook towards himself. He is a Russian spy who always wears a suit and plays the antagonist in his podcasts.

I genuinely love him.

He starts his episodes with difficult and heavy questions related to the topics his guests are experts in. Then, he asks questions that the audience wants to hear. Towards the end, Lex asks the guest advice for the young generation, and what happens after death.

If you are into science, ai, technology, history, and philosophy. You will love this podcast.

Lex Fridman Podcast - Cover.

Podcast #4: Longevity - Lifespan

David Sinclair gave me the secret to immortality.

It has been 7 months since I started implementing all his advice and tools in my life. I'm pretty sure now that I will live longer and have a more productive, energetic and happier life.

David Sinclair is an Australian biologist & professor at Harvard University.

He talks about the science behind why we age and interventions for slowing and even reversing ageing. David argues that exercising, eating healthier, and taking on intermediate fasting can make you live longer.

David Sinclair helps humanity to live longer. Thank you.

Lifespan With Dr. David Sinclair Podcast - Cover

Podcast #5: Psychology, Religion & Ideology - Jordan B. Peterson

One of the most controversial individuals at the moment.

Like many others, I found out about Jordan Peterson on Youtube, giving talks at his lectures. Later on, he went to shows such as: H3H3 & JRE. Only afterwards I read his book "12 Rules For Life".

Jordan Peterson is the father figure I needed.

He opened my eyes to all my problems. He proved to me that I was lying to myself and I wasn't pursuing what is meaningful. In his podcasts, he dives very deep into conversations about religion, ideology, symbolism & psychology.

Like his books, I can't recommend enough listening to his episodes & lectures.

Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - Cover.

I highly recommend having passive conversations with people like Joe & Lex, you will learn so much. Listen to podcasts!

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Thanks for reading :)


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  • Kylaraabout a year ago

    Thanks for the recommendations. I will give the one from David Sinclair a try!

  • Vittorini Moesabout a year ago

    Very fascinating article

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